Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! This week has flown by for us, mainly because it's been a busy one. That's probably my favorite thing about spring at school. The kids are starting to go nuts, but we have a lot to keep us all busy and entertained. 

Outside of school, there's lot of fun to keep us busy too! Last night, we went to one of our favorite festivals - The Lilac Festival! 

Now, we didn't actually get any pictures with the lilacs this year because it was a mob scene over there. However, we did get these great pictures by the tulips! 

A huge thank you to the lady who kindly asked up if Eric wanted to get in the picture. This is definitely getting framed for my classroom because favorite flower + rompers + my favorite people = happiness! 

Ella's favorite part of the festival was the kiddie rides. She thought they were so fun & it makes me happy knowing that if she loved those, she'll be in heaven at Disney this summer! 

waiting in line with her tickets!

in the bounce house

Eric snapped this of us while we were riding together!
Going back to my outfit from last night, I wore my new sandals & I can already tell that they're going to be a favorite for the summer! They're Birkenstocks, and I've never really been a Birkenstock kind of girl, but I've found myself wanting more arch support when walking lately. #oldladyprobs These are kind of a cross between a Croc & a Birk too. So they're lightweight, have great support, and waterproof. They're essentially everything a busy mom needs in the summer! I actually think they're pretty cute too & know I'll be throwing them on with jean shorts and a tee all summer long. 

Speaking of jean shorts & tees, I can't wait for this one to come in! I had actually ordered it before I saw that Shaeffer posted it today & am so glad that I did because I know it'll be sold out soon now! As a cheer coach, I just thought SQUAD was perfect for me, plus I missed out on the Happy Camper tee & my sister is always raving about hers, so I took the plunge on this one! 

squad tee
from Shaeffer Told Me To

Last favorite of the week... my Ebates check arrived, which is what allowed me to buy the awesome shirt above. Over the last three months I've earned $34 by using Ebates when I shop online. It's super simple & I'm just buying the same stuff I normally would. If you haven't already tried it, I definitely recommend it! Just click here to sign up & we'll both get a treat for you doing so :) 

Sadly, I will not be wearing jean shorts & a tee this weekend though, because the weather is going to be quite yucky. It's supposed to be mid-50's with rain today & Saturday, then a high of 49 on Sunday. That's not what I call May. So we'll probably be staying inside, watching movies, and snuggling - which is totally ok with me. After last weekend's whirlwind of Mother's Day festivities, I have a ton to get caught up on & this will give me the chance to do it! 
Have a Great Weekend & Thanks for hosting Andrea, Ericka, & Narci! 

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  1. I love getting Ebates checks but here lately I've been forgetting to use it when I shop online. bummer. Ella's pigtail buns are so stinkin cute - my daughter refuses pigtails anymore. Have a great weekend! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas