Friday, May 6, 2016

Ella & Mommy Day

Since having Olivia almost ten months ago, Ella's life has changed pretty drastically. And I couldn't be more proud of how she's handled all that. She took it in stride & totally embraced the role of big sister. Despite that though, I know that she misses the one on one attention she used to have around the clock. She recently starting to ask if she can go to Target with just me, or if we can have "just Ella and mommy day." So since she had an eye appointment yesterday that required me to be off from work, I took the opportunity to make it a special "Ella & Mommy Day." 

We started by wearing matching outfits - and I am kicking myself that I never got a picture of the two of us together! I meant to have Eric take one & totally forgot because of the windstorm we were experiencing... but more on that in a minute. Anyways, we wore our distressed jeans, orange shirts, and brown sandals. We were a pretty cute pair if I do say so myself. 

Our first stop of the day was to drop Olivia off at Miss Jennie's, then I asked Ella where she wanted to have breakfast. I figured she'd choose Tim Horton's so she could have a sprinkles donut, but she chose Cracker Barrel, and I certainly couldn't argue with that! 

Once we were seated, I got a text from my sister asking if I was at Cracker Barrel. Kind of creepy... but then Uncle Matt walked in for a business meeting & I realized how she'd discovered us! 

Ella colored & played that little game with the golf tees, while I ate a huge plate of breakfast. I just can't help myself when I'm at Cracker Barrel - I mean, biscuits! Ella ate a surprising amount of her pancake too and once we were full, we headed out to shop in the country store. She chose a little Sofia fan with candies in it & couldn't have been happier. 

Our next stop was Walmart to pick up a bunch of random stuff. I normally avoid Walmart, just because the ones around us aren't that nice & I'm much happier at Target, but we had coupons & it was early in the day, so we went for it. 

Ella ended up finding lots of treasures, but after talking her out of a million other things, she decided on these Frozen sneakers. I'm really hoping we can keep them clean because they'll be perfect for our Disney vacation too! 

After what felt like hours in Walmart (because Ella refused to ride in the cart), we headed to the eye doctor for Ella's appointment. The appointment took a lot longer than I'd planned, but thankfully they have a great play area & Disney Jr, so Ella was happy while we waited. 

When we go to see Dr. M, he let us know that her prescription has stayed the same & there is improvement in the overall health of her eyes. She still needs to wear her glasses all of the time, but we don't have to buy a new pair, which was good news! 

After the appointment we went to pick up lunch at McAllister's Deli & meet Eric for a picnic on the canal at his office. They have great picnic benches & it was a nice day, so I thought it'd be perfect. But of course a wind storm kicked up just in time for our arrival, and I ate just as much of my own hair as I did salad. Ella loved it though & is already asking when we can take daddy lunch again! 

Since it was nap time for Ella & I had to tutor a student that afternoon, I took her back to Miss Jennie's for the rest of the afternoon. When I left she gave me a hug and a kiss & told me it was the best day ever. Totally worth it! This summer Olivia will still go to Miss Jennie's on Wednesdays, but Ella will stay home with me, so I'm hoping we'll have more days like this ahead! 

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