Monday, May 9, 2016

A Low Key Mother's Day

This weekend we packed up the girls & headed for the country house to see my parents. They drove in from D.C. on Friday night & we could not get to them fast enough on Saturday morning. Ella came into our room at 5:45 a.m. to announce that it was "COUNTRY HOUSE DAY!" So we got an early start... 

Once everyone was dressed, packed, and loaded, we set off. Livy napped the whole way & Ella was playing princesses in the backseat. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed listening to her. From what I could gather, she was having a tea party with Belle and Jasmine. It was adorable. 

We met my parents at Wegmans so that Ella & I could hop out and help them with the grocery shopping while Eric took Olivia & Charlie onto the country. I'm not sure how helpful you could consider my dad & Ella though because every time mom & I turned around they were doing "tricks" in the truck cart. 

We arrived at the country house & I found this peanut waiting for me on the counter with a present! She got me a cookie pop for Mother's Day! 

We all had lunch, then I presented the rough itinerary for our Disney vacation in July. I put it into Google Slides so that everyone could follow along easily (I am a teacher after all) and after some mocking, everyone was really excited about the plan. It involves a good mix of time in the parks & time at the pool, and i think it's going to awesome! Our main mission was to figure out which Fastpasses everyone cared about the most, and we accomplished that, now we just need to hope we get them! 

We spent the afternoon helping in the yard & enjoying a little sunshine. It was cooler than expected - which seems to the be the theme of our spring here in NY - but the fresh air was still nice. We ended the day with a family BBQ - which involved me eating way too much canoli dip & BBQ chicken. 

Ella & Aunt Britt were matching, so they needed a pic together :)

On Sunday, I "slept in" until 7, then got up to help make breakfast for my mom. We did pancakes, eggs, bacon - the whole nine yards! Again - I ate way too much, only to get around to head to Eric's moms for a lasagna dinner where I ate way too much! So if anyone asks how my Mother's Day was, I'll have to reply delicious. 

Seriously though, I had a wonderful low key Mother's Day with my family. My girls made me a cute craft at daycare, Eric let me order a new pair of shoes, and I ate more sweets than I'll ever admit to. It was a great weekend & I wouldn't trade it for a fancy shindig any day. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day too! Enjoy your week! 

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