Thursday, April 14, 2016

We're Going To...

So up until last week, we thought that our annual family vacation was going to be a long weekend at my parent's new house in Virginia, with an excursion to Williamsburg thrown in. With all of the craziness in my parents lives, along with the prospect of me teaching summer school, our trip to Myrtle at the end of August just wasn't going to be feasible. Then, a few things happened. First, my mom started texting me asking me if I didn't teach summer school, would I be able to go somewhere during the first week of August. Umm... well, yeah. She then asked if I could find out when the hiring for summer school would be complete, so we could make some plans. Well... ok. So I emailed the summer school principal & was basically told that I wouldn't be hired, but only because all of the special educaiton staff was returning from last summer - which I totally understand. I'd applied for summer school think that if I got it, I'd use the money to pay off some loans early & pad the bank account a bit, if I didn't, I'd spend the summer with my girls. 

So, after I shared the news with Eric, I texted my mom & sister to let them know that I could in fact go on vacation the first week of August and so could Eric. My mom then replied with the most magical text ever...

Now, let me tell you that I am a total Disney nut. I just love it. No matter what age, I've always thought of my trips to Disney as my absolute favorite vacations. Ella is at this absolutely magical age where she truly believes in Disney Princesses & I cannot wait to see her light up with excitement when we enter the Magic Kingdom. We're staying for an entire week & not only are my parents going, so are Uncle Matt & Aunt Britt. It's going to be an amazing family vacation! 

We have our rooms & flights booked, our tickets are purchased, and we're in the preliminary stages of planning. Expect to see more Disney updates in the coming months & brace yourselves for picture overload when we return! Only 108 days to go! 

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