Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Rest of Our Spring Break

So this post was supposed to go up on Monday, but between a funeral, two pukers, and state testing - it just hasn't happened! Sorry about that! So, today I bring you the last of my Spring Break posts. It always amazes me how much we can fit into one week! This week was particularly awesome because we had decent weather, despite it only being March, and we got to see all three sets of grandparents! 

So when we last left off, we had just arrived back from Virginia Tuesday afternoon. The girls spent the evening playing with their daddy, while I got right to work on the laundry. Despite car naps, they were both asleep by 7:30 & didn't wake up until 6 the next morning. It was amazing. Of course, I was up at 2:30 having a panic attack that I hadn't heard Olivia all night & had to go check that she was breathing. Other than that, best night's sleep in ages. 

Wednesday's forecast looked perfect for a trip to the zoo, so that's exactly what we did. It ended up taking awhile for it to warm up though, so you'll see me wearing gloves in some of the pics. I had the girls layered up & they were happy as can be, so it all worked out.

This trip was the most active I've ever seen all of the animals at once. Everything was out & moving around! 

Ella got up close & personal with the lion! It was so funny. She was not expecting it to get that close to her & I wish I had her reaction on tape. It was priceless! 

We came home after the zoo & played in the yard until nap time. Ella was so excited to have her chalk & bubbles out again. We ended our day with a family walk, during which both of our peanuts passed out cold. It was so peaceful - Eric & I actually had adult conversation! 

On Thursday, Eric's mom came to visit for the day! The girls were so excited when Grammy Nancy arrived & we packed in tons of adventures. We shopped all day, had lunch with Eric at MacAliter's and then grilled up some dinner before she headed back to Hornell. Her visits are never long enough for my kiddos! 

Sadly, the rest of our break was spent grieving the loss of Eric's Grandma Angie. We drove home & spent the weekend with that side of the family. The only silver lining was that Ella got to see all of her cousins & I got to snuggle with my niece Ophelia :) 

So all in all, it was a great break! With the chaos of this week, I'd gladly repeat it! 

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  1. I can't wait to go to the zoo with Annabelle! So sorry your Spring Break week didn't start out that great.