Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break Road Trip - Part 2

We all agreed on Sunday night, thank goodness we aren't driving back tomorrow! We used to go to Albany for the weekend all the time, but Virginia is definitely going to have to be long weekend trips only! 

So Monday was a day I've been waiting for for quite some time. It was Nordstrom Day!

I love Nordstrom but usually only get to shop online because we have zero of them near us. So when mom said we could go to Tysons Corner to shop for the day, I was thrilled! 
We left mid-morning to let the rush hour traffic subside, and drove about an hour and a half to the mall. We had two main missions for the day - spend my $100 Nordstrom gift card & visit the Disney Store for Miss Ella. Both were easily accomplished! 

We started at Nordstrom, because my sister & I just couldn't wait. The blogs that we love are always featuring items from Nordstrom & getting to shop there & try things on was awesome. I ended up purchasing this dress from Leith that both Cassie & Shay have recommended. I also bought a new pair of $12 BP shades for the car, because mama can't seem to take care of designer shades & two kids at the same time. My sister got a new Kendra Scott necklace and a Lush top, while my mom bought Livy a new outfit from Baby Boden. I had planned to get Ella a new pair of Natives while we were there, but they didn't have her size & I also wanted a shirt from Lush that was sold out in store & is now sold out online. I would love to go to the store without kids some time, just so I have more time to wander & browse! 

After Nordstrom, we headed to find lunch! We decided on California Pizza Kitchen & got the kids fueled up before we sought out our next destination - The Disney Store! Now growing up, we had a Disney Store in Rochester and it was always a HUGE treat for me. I loved going in there to shop with my Grandma Ellen. So watching Ella shop with my mom was kind of special to me in an unexpected way. We've entered a full on Tinkerbell phase, so Ella picked out a stuffed Tinkerbell, a new Ariel tiara, a set of fairies, and a Sofia swimsuit. The girl isn't spoiled at all... 

The girls miraculously fell asleep shortly after this stop & we had some time to do some real shopping! Gap had 40% off, so we stocked up on tons of kids clothes for the summer, and Miss Olivia got this new hat that matched her shirt. She thought she was pretty cool :) 

I bought a few things at Banana Republic & Old Navy too, but by that point, everyone was starting to fade. So, we headed back to the parking garage & got on the road, hoping to beat rush hour traffic. 

That night, my dad made us all dinner & we hung out as a family, ate some ice cream. It was the perfect kind of low key to end our trip with. 

The next morning, the kids had us up bright & early, so we packed up our bags and hit the road. We made one final stop at Chick-fil-a for some homefries & tea, then headed back north. The drive wasn't too bad thanks to a combination of snacks & shows on the iPad. Livy got a little restless towards the end, but powered through. I think it helped that we stopped at Moe's for lunch to get out of the van for a bit & wiggle! 

We were definitely happy to pull into our driveway & see daddy by the time we made it home! It was a great trip, but we were ready for our own beds and some downtime for sure. I'll be back with the rest of our Spring Break next week. Happy Friday! 

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