Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life Lately

It has been a gorgeous week here in Rochester! I've been enjoying my time outside with the girls and we've been grilling up a storm. I just love spring & summertime! 

On Friday, Olivia had her 9 month check up! I cannot believe she's already 9 months, but I just love how mobile & alert she is. That of course means that she's into EVERYTHING in sight! And everything includes all of Ella's stuff, which has already started the "Mom, she's touching my ______" tattletaling every day. #andsoitbegins 

After Livy's doctor's appointment, we went to get some ice cream at Sonic - because a) nice weather and b) Friday. My favorite blast is the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dream & it did not disappoint. 

Last weekend we were at the country house to celebrate my Aunt Babs' birthday! It was gorgeous weather & we all sat on my grandma's front porch all afternoon. Ella of course had to help blow out the candles. 

We tried to take a nice picture with Ella, but she wasn't having it. Too much nice sun + running around for hours + no nap = trouble! She was asleep by 7 that night. 

I thought Livy would struggle on the hardwoods at my parents house, slip & sliding around, but she got around just fine. Maybe a little too well actually. She was quite the explorer! I'm very grateful that my parents childproofed the country house for Ella & never looked back. 

As you can see, there's Livy right in the middle of things again! They were playing with the wooden blocks & she thought they looked fascinating. This picture was taken before she knocked her sister's tower down & the world ended. 

Ella went with my sister to a BBQ on Sunday afternoon, which meant that it was just Livy home with us while we worked on the lawn. It was mid-70's & sunny, so I put her in a romper and covered her in sunscreen (even though she spent most of her time in the shade.) The romper she loved. The sunscreen... well that's another story. 

The warm weather continued on Monday & even though it was Pajama Day at daycare, the real excitement was that Miss Jennie's trampoline is up! Jennie sent me this snap chat of Ella & Addy going to town :) 

Monday was also dance night, and since I dragged Ella along on some errands before class, I treated her to some frozen yogurt. She wanted us to take a picture together... 

Then she wanted me to take one of just her & her frozen yogurt. #whateveryousayella

And after dinner, Ella blew bubbles outside while Eric grilled up a storm! It's been the perfect kind of week around here & I can't wait for more just like it! 


  1. They are so cute :) Can't believe she is 9months already.. Where does time go
    Chelsea @