Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites for Warmer Weather

Oh spring in New York, you're a fickle beast. One day it's in the high 50's & sunny. The next, it's a high of 36 & gloomy as ever. The extended forecast is finally looking up though & it has me craving all sorts of things for warmer weather! Today I thought I'd share those warmer weather favorites with you, and link up with Andrea while I'm at it! 

1 - Sunglasses 

Back in the day, you know before I had kids, I loved designer sunglasses. And while I still love them, there is absolutely no sense in purchasing them because my sunglasses go through the ringer these days! That's why I'm loving all of the B.P. sunglasses from Nordstrom. I picked up a pair in store over spring break & I'm going to order these for summer as well. At $12, you can't miss! 

2 - Swim Suits

So I had told myself I wasn't going to buy any swim suits this year. We aren't going to the beach & I have plenty of great swimsuits to wear all summer long. Then, Athleta debuted their swim collection for the season & I got all sorts of excited. I am loving this swim top, because of the detail in the back & the molded cups in the front. I just keep telling myself that buying just a top isn't the same as buying a whole new swim suit! (It's all in the justification people!) 

And while we're talking about Athleta, I should just give you a heads up that my favorite summer piece from last year is back again! The stretch-in skort is amazing & I wore mine all of the time. I'm already plotting to take it with my to Disney! 

3 - Bubbles & Sidewalk Chalk 

We've been stocking up on bubbles & sidewalk chalk like it's our job! Ella could play with these two items for hours, so I made sure to hit up Five Below over spring break. They had great non-spill bubble buckets that are refillable & also had whole buckets of chalk too. If I'm in the mood to splurge though, nothing beats Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, The colors are so much more vibrant than any other chalk we've ever bought! 

What are your favorites for warmer weather? 


  1. My little one is so in love with bubbles and sidewalk chalk!! She would do it for hours
    Chelsea @

  2. I'm in desperate need of new sunglasses.. and they need to be cheap because yea, mom life haha. Checking these out asap!