Thursday, March 10, 2016

This is Embarrassing, but...

Lately, I've had a whole lot of embarrassing moments that are just too funny to keep to myself. So have yourself a good laugh at my expense today... 

  • I eat Easy Mac regularly. I know many people think that's disgusting, but I just love the orange stuff. As if that isn't embarrassing in itself, I somehow lost my sauce packet yesterday, forcing me to run out to the grocery store & find something else to eat. I found a ton of Panera Soups on sale & thought oh that's perfect. I picked up 5 because they were buy 2 get 3 free. Well, in the process of trying to carry a stack of 5 soups, my keys, wallet, and phone - I dropped two things of soup in the middle of the main aisle. They of course exploded, forcing me to go & find a custodian to clean up my mess. A huge debacle for a little mac & cheese. 
  • My house currently looks like a tornado went through it. We've essentially shoveled a path so that we can get through the living room to the stairs & kitchen, but other than that, it's a total disaster. Laundry has been hanging on the drying rack since Sunday afternoon. I've just ignored it because of the warm weather outside, but tonight I'll be forced to reckon with it as I pack us up for a weekend away. 
  • This morning my Dunkin' Donuts was out of large sized cups. I grudgingly ordered a medium & pouted like my three year old the rest of the way to school. 
  • Ella really should have had a bath last night, but we got home some late from my meeting I completely ignored it. Sorry if she's a little grubby today Miss Jennie. 

Oh well, life happens! What embarrassing moments have you found yourself in lately? 

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