Sunday, March 20, 2016

Life Lately...

It's been a hot minute since I blogged & I hate it when I fall off the face of the earth like that. It's never intended, but sometimes life just gets crazy! Here's what we've been up to since we last chatted...

Last Saturday, Ella got her first hair cut! I know, it's crazy... she's 3 1/2 and this is the first time I've cut her hair. It took her FOREVER to get any hair though, and I just love her little curls. My friend Anne took off about an inch & then curled it up all pretty for the day. Ella loved the salon & keeps telling me, "I think I need to go see Anne for another hair cut." 

Speaking of last Saturday, it was gorgeous. We were home for my mother-in-law's birthday & Eric's hometown St. Patrick's Day festivities. We spent as much of the day as possible outside and had a great time. 

I'll be sharing our St. Patrick's Day recap later this week, but here is a shot of our little family before we headed out to to the parade! 

We had to head back to Rochester early on Sunday morning so that I could attend our cheer banquet. It was horrible timing because of the time change & everyone was absolutely exhausted from all of the weekend's festivities. It made for a rough start to the week, but I feel like everyone was in the same boat with us. We even skipped dance on Monday so that Ella could get some extra rest. 

On Tuesday, we had to run some errands at Costco & these two were loving riding next to each other in the cart. They were wearing their matching outfits from Grammy Nancy too! 

On Wednesday night, I fulfilled my duties as National Junior Honor Society adviser! We inducted 93 students into our chapter & the ceremony went really well. Between this ceremony & spring break next week - I can already start to feel the school year winding down. 

On Thursday, the girls wore their St. Patrick's Day gear to Miss Jennie's for a fun filled day. They had green pancakes for breakfast & made these cute little "suckers" too. She said she found the idea on pinterest, but they're really simple - just three pretzels, a rolo, and a green M&M melted onto a candy stick! 

On Friday, I got this SnapChat from Miss Jennie! Little Miss Olivia is starting to pull herself up! She's also all about "reverse crawling" right now. I'm sure she'll be on the go in no time. 

Friday night, Eric was at a March Madness party, so I just hung out with my girls at home. We played & played & played. Then Ella asked to make some popcorn & snuggle. No objections here! Sounds like a great plan to me! 

We had big plans for Saturday with Aunt Britt! We had to finish getting our Easter outfits for next weekend's big trip to Virginia - plus make a few returns. We made a day of it by having lunch & sipping Starbucks too. I never get tired of days like that with my sister. I'm so lucky to have her & I hope these two feel the same way when they grow up. 

We donated to the Golisano Children's Hospital & the girls got these adorable little bunny hats. Ella hated hers, but Livy was totally into it & wore it all afternoon! 

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