Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

There is currently a lot going on in my house. Suitcases & laundry are all over. Livy is going nuts in her exersaucer. Ella is impatiently waiting for the new episode of Sofia to come on. Charlie (our dog) is freaking out because he can see the suitcases & knows what that means. So I'm doing the logical thing & sitting down in the midst of it all to blog - because sometimes you just need to block it all out. So today, I'm linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites! 

friday favorites

I was kind of dreading this week because every teacher knows that the week leading up to Spring Break is chaotic. And it was, but at least that made the time pass quickly. Speaking of teaching, I mentioned this sign to my friend Jackquelyn the other night when we were prepping for Honor Society Induction...

from Teaching in High Heels Insta

Well I discovered yesterday  that she was sweet enough to order it for me! She told me about it because I'm helping out picking up her mail & packages while she's gone to Tennessee next week, so she said if it arrives, I should just take it home. LOL. She's a great friend :)

In other news... the crowning achievement of my week has been Ella's sidebraid into a ponytail! The first victory is that I got her to sit still. The second is that I actually managed to complete a side braid! I'm personally pretty no muss, no fuss with my own hair - so being a girl mom can be tough! 

A huge favorite this week was the tortellini meatball skillet that I made! I just dumped cooked cheese tortellini in with meatballs and sauce, then covered it with fresh mozzarella. Then I baked it for about 30 minutes. It was SO good. A huge part of the goodness was the homemade meatballs & sauce my husband makes & keeps in the freezer though, so I can't take all the credit.

Ella's favorite part of the week was the Easter basket hunt at Miss Jennie's house. I have to say, those kids are spoiled! Her basket was full of fun stuff & we've been having a blast playing with the play dough together. 

My favorite helper got right down to business in the kitchen this morning & we whipped up some purple chocolate chip pancakes! She was pretty impressed that I managed to make them purple, because apparently only Miss Jennie is capable of putting food coloring in pancake batter. She added the chocolate chips herself & was super proud of herself that she'd helped out! 

And while we were cooking breakfast, Livy hung out with her favorite friend - Spike! Please know that about 5 seconds after this picture was taken, I found her half way across the living room. She is definitely on the move these days! 

Happy Friday & Have a Wonderful Easter! 

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