Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Day 2016

After a very busy day in DC on Saturday, we woke up refreshed & ready to celebrate Easter! I had to set up the basket hunt in the basement because Ella woke up before me & I'd forgotten to do it the night before. #momfail It worked out great though, because I was able to set up a trail of eggs all the way down the stairs & Ella thought that was the coolest! 

She found her basket from the Easter bunny first (aka the one from Eric & I) and ripped right into that! 

Aunt Britt helped Livy find her basket! All she wanted to do was play with the eggs :) 

As Livy chewed on her eggs, Ella went through all of her loot. She got a new M&M fan, a spring outfit, peeps, Sofia the First stickers, and jelly beans! 

After she finished with her first basket, Ella had to find her present from Grammy & Gramps! 

blurry pic because she moves quick!
The best part of Grammy's present was a "gift card" to the Disney Store! And more jelly beans, because Ella loves jelly beans. 

After we found our baskets, we had a light breakfast & got ready for brunch at my parent's new country club. The club was very cute & the brunch was absolutely delicious. Ella loved that they had coloring pages & crayons out for all the kids. I personally loved the bacon. 

After brunch, we headed outside for the egg hunt! Ella was just a little excited! 

And just so you can all have some perspective on what the visit from the Easter Bunny looked like... 

We all died laughing when we saw this poor rabbit. The girl in the costume was very sweet though & had a really cute British accent. It was just not what we expected at all! 

The course is so green & beautiful, so we took the opportunity to take some pictures in our Easter outfits! 

And because one egg hunt isn't enough, we had another set up just for Ella when we got to mom & dad's! This time, we face timed in Eric's family in New York so that they could see Ella go to town. These eggs had change in them too, so that made her extra excited! 

The rest of our Easter was spent lounging around, eating Bunny Tracks, and cheering on Cuse in the Elite 8! 

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