Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Break in the Weather...

After weeks & weeks in the 30's and 40's, we had a rare break in the weather yesterday and it feels like spring. Now, let me just remind you, I live in Rochester, NY - so my spring & your spring might feel quite different. But in Rochester... 

Seriously, yesterday was 63 degrees & people were outside grilling. We soak up every bit of warmth we can get around here! 

Since it was 63 yesterday & is going to be 67 today, I took the opportunity to break out my sandals again! (And yes I'm wearing the same pair two days in a row because they're my favorites & the ones I missed the most this winter.) 

I wore spring colors...

And we spent the afternoon at the playground! 

I had a meeting after school, so we didn't get to the playground until close to 5, so our time was limited. But we definitely made the most of it! 

I cannot believe how much Ella has grown up over the winter. I was blown away by how much her motor skills have improved (sorry, special ed teacher observation) and how confident she was as she ran around the playground. Nothing intimidated her & she fit right in with the other kids playing there. She didn't look like a toddler there with her mom, she could have passed for a kindergartner & that just blows my mind! 

Livy absolutely loved our trip to the park too & tried out the swing for the first time! She just loved it & I anticipate that we will be spending a lot of time here in the coming months. 

I'm looking forward to another lovely day today! I don't have any meetings, so I'm going to get a run in before I pick up the kids, then sweep them off to a playground on my own campus before we have a cheer meeting tonight. It's going to be so nice out that I couldn't justify spending an extra hour in the car to run them home, so hopefully nobody minds that they're tagging along! 

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