Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Goals


May is one of my favorite months of the year. In Rochester, it means the start of spring & festivals! The weather finally starts to warm up, you can spend your evenings outside, and I just happen to teach two of my favorite novels during the month of May too! 


  • Hit my step goal every day. 
    • Self explanatory. I'm doing great & plan to keep it up! 
  • Get Olivia's closet finished. 
    • This is important because every girl needs a closet & currently, her room doesn't have one. There is a clearly defined space where one probably was supposed to go, who knows it may have even been there before, either way - Eric's dad is coming to build one for her next weekend. Once that is done, it will be my job to get everything out of storage, washed, and organized.  
  • Cook or bake something new every week. 
    • I love grilling season, but sometimes it means that we get into a rut. Personally, I could eat grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and salt potatoes every night. However, I realize that might get boring for Eric. So, I plan to switch it up with something new at least once per week. It might be dinner, it might be dessert, it might be something fun we can pack in our lunches... who knows! This week, I'm going to whip up Shay's Fresh Blueberry Bars though & I'm pretty excited about them! 
  • Visit the Lilac Festival. 
    • I absolutely love the Lilac Festival & we had a great time visiting last year. I really want to go there for dinner one night next week & indulge in some fried dough while Ella enjoys all of the cheesy kids rides. Here's a recap of last year's visit... 
  • Don't buy any new clothes for myself.
    • Ok... this is kind of important because it's silly for me to buy anything new maternity at this point. And when I do have the baby, all of my "old clothes" will seem new again. So, I simply don't need anything. The money I normally spend on myself needs to be invested into the last of the baby items or head straight to our savings account, because two kids is going to be an adjustment! 
What are your goals for this month? 

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