Monday, May 4, 2015

Girls' Weekend!

Eric went out of town to see his college roommates this weekend, leaving Ella & I to our own devices. As far as I know, this will be the last time that it's just the two of us in the house, so I wanted to make the most of it! We had a jam-packed weekend of fun with the most gorgeous weather we ever could have asked for! 

I picked Ella up from Miss Jennie's house after school & we headed to Wegmans to get the party started. We went in for a few basic things, and somehow the child emerged with a balloon & a Frozen magazine. She was accident free for the second day in a row though, so I felt like she deserved a treat! 

After Wegmans, we met my sister for dinner at Salena's - which is an awesome Mexican restaurant here in Rochester. It's one of my sister's favorites & it gets crazy busy later on in the evening, so Ella & I are the perfect people to go with since we eat dinner so early :) We all split chips & salsa, then Ella had a quesadilla & more than a few bites of my Santa Fe Chicken Salad. 

On Saturday morning, we got right up & around for the day because we had a lot planned! Our first stop was Starbucks (Mama needs plenty of Starbucks when Daddy's out of town!), but then we hit up the Public Market. Since it was gorgeous, it was crowded, but we had a ton of fun! I bought all of our produce for the week, we ate the best homemade empanadas & then had a dessert of fresh apple cider donuts - all in the sunshine! #bestdayever 

She has been all about hugs and smooches lately & I love it!

posing with Aunt Britt & Kelly (aka Teddy as Ella says)

selfie with Miss Ella while we waited for Aunt Britt to pay for some things... 

Ella's first empanada experience! Actually, mine too - but we both loved them! 

After we finished up at the Public Market, we headed to the mall on a mission for two things - sunglasses for Miss Ella & a Mother's Day present for my mom. We were successful on both counts! We also found a few things on clearance for Olivia & I bought a new pair of sunglasses myself at Forever 21 - you just can't beat $5.90 sunglasses when you're a mom! 

Two things. 1) Her Minnie shades are SO her! 2) Can we talk about her romper? I mean I'm jealous of it... 
After shopping, we went back to Aunt Britt's & convinced Uncle Matt to grill us up some dinner. By the time we got home it was 7 p.m. & we were whooped! Ella got cleaned up & headed into her room to watch some Daniel Tiger, while I retreated to my own bed & settled in for some Dirty Dancing. I think we both lasted about half an hour and slept soundly until 7 a.m on Sunday. 

Sunday morning, we woke up, got dressed & headed out for a BIG SURPRISE! Ella didn't know it, but her Grammy Nancy (Eric's mom) and Aunt Hannah were in town for a dance competition. They didn't have a ton of downtime, but they were able to fit us in on Sunday morning. We totally crashed their hotel's continental breakfast & then.... 


OMG - she was so happy. The child is a fish & was just as excited about wearing her Elsa swimsuit too! I was nervous the entire time - not because she was in the pool - but because she was in the pool without a swim diaper on for the first time ever. No accidents though! Actually, only one accident all weekend - which is a HUGE accomplishment! #pottytraininghastakenaneternity 

Sadly, Aunt Hannah had to get ready for another day of competition, so we left the hotel around 10:30 to make a return to Old Navy for Grammy Nancy. The deals at Old Navy were insane this weekend! We ended up walking out of there with a ton of stuff & spending less than $50 - which really only cost me $10 because of the store credit Grammy Nancy insisted we use! #score I didn't buy anything for myself, but I did get Ella 4 new pairs of summer PJs, 5 new tank tops, a sun hat for Olivia, - and I lied, I did buy myself a pair of $2.36 flip flops. 

We got home & Ella wanted to eat lunch outside. Since that seemed like an easy request to fulfill, that's what we did! We ate lunch at her picnic table, then headed out for a walk, where I thought she'd fall asleep, but she was wide awake talking to me the whole time. And while we were out walking - Daddy came home!

I thought we'd all go out grocery shopping, but these two had other plans... 

So while they napped, I went out & got groceries, then came home and unloaded. They were still sleeping, so I headed upstairs to sort out all of Ella's winter clothes & pack them away. At that point, I realized I forgot to buy a storage bin the day before, so I ran out to Target. I came home & they were STILL sleeping, so I went outside & sat in the sun all by myself. Of course, that only lasted 5 minutes... 

The rest of the night was our normal routine. We made the most delicious dinner... 

I walked Charlie... 

And then we watched 60 Minutes because we're old like that! Such a great weekend! 


  1. What a fun weekend!! Girl time is so much fun :)

  2. looks like lots of fun!!