Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday! And my parents are here for the weekend! And it's in the 80's! So many things to be thankful for... 

This week - and let's be honest, every week - my favorites are completely random! I had started to do a Mother's Day theme, but then I went for two walks last night & completely lost track of time. #lifehappens So I'm just going with the flow & sharing my favorite things from life this week instead. 

1 - My New Bracelet 

This actually is Mother's Day related, because technically this is my Mother's Day present from Eric, Ella, & Olivia. I saw Shay wearing this bracelet with her kids' initials on it & absolutely loved it. I decided to put my girls' full names on mine & have been wearing it pretty much every day since it arrived! 

2 - These Shorts... or actually just the story behind them

So I pulled these shorts out of a bag of maternity clothes that a friend had given to me. I tried them on & was like, "oh these are great casual Bermuda shorts, I think I'll wear them." After taking them off, I glanced at the tag & realized that they're my shorts! They're the shorts that I bought to wear on my honeymoon to Vegas, when I was 14 weeks pregnant with Ella. People - I never wore them. Why? Because they never fit me. So here I am hitting 30 weeks tomorrow wearing a pair of shorts that didn't fit me at 14 weeks last time because I had already gained so much weight in my thighs & hips. Definite confidence booster on a Friday morning! 

3 - Jergens Gradual Tan Lotion

This stuff is a life saver. I was so insanely white at the end of last week, I whipped out my bottle & got down to business. Normally this time of year, I'd get a spray tan, but I'm pretty sure that's a no-go when you're pregnant, so I'm extra thankful for Jergens. If you're pasty white, but afraid to go from 0 to 60 with traditional tanner, then this is perfect. It evens out nicely & after 3 days I no longer look like a corpse. 

4 - These Two...

I really hope these two get married someday. I just love Ella & Keith together :) 

seriously... the hand holding! I could die!

5 - The Best Teacher Appreciation Card I've Seen... 

If you don't know, it's teacher appreciation week! We've been pampered all week long at school - pizza, ice cream sundaes, massages, candy. It's been a great. I saw this card on IG though & thought it was most appropriate. That's all middle school teachers really want this time of year, margaritas

Have a Great Weekend Everyone! 
I'll be back next week to share my Grandma's BBQ recipe & a whole lot of other goodness. 
Enjoy the sunshine! 

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