Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bumpdate: 29 Weeks

size of the baby: acorn squash & about 2.5 to 3.5 lbs.

total weight gain: 19 lbs. - my goal for the pregnancy is to stay within 25 & 30 lbs, so I'm right on track

gender: Baby Girl - Miss Olivia Rose 

maternity clothes: Like I said yesterday, I'm basically living in dresses right now - most of which are maternity. 

movement: all day long - my doctor was surprised at how active she was in the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday & asked if she was keeping me up at night, but really I've been sleeping like the dead! 

missing: I really wanted a frozen margarita for Cinco de Mayo & I was pretty jealous of the runners out last weekend, but for the most part I'm content. 

craving: Ice cream. Warm weather always makes me crave ice cream, but pregnancy has definitely intensified it. I'm enjoying it in moderation right now though, it helps to have Ella to share with :) 

exercise: I walked a total of 38 miles last week according to my FitBit. My doctor told me to keep it up as long as it feels good & that's the plan! 

symptoms: I'm definitely starting to feel full faster & tired by 7 p.m. again... but nothing major! I can still wear my wedding rings & no swelling to speak of right now! 

nursery: I have Olivia's curtains hung, her crib bedding all put together, and a ton of other little things sitting around waiting for a permanent home. My father in law is coming next weekend this install Olivia's closet, so I don't want to get the room too perfect just yet - I'm not sure how much dust this project will create! I plan to haul the carseat & swing out of storage this weekend too so that they're all cleaned up & aired out for Olivia's arrival! 

looking forward to: 
  • a visit from my parents, Babs, & grandma this weekend! 
  • Mother's Day! 
  • a continuation of this warm weather
  • shopping for Olivia with my mom this weekend 

best moments: 
  • I sorted through all of Ella's newborn clothes! OMG - she was so tiny! I'm in the process of washing, sorting, and putting them away now. My mom & I plan to go through everything together this weekend & then decide what else (if anything) we need to purchase. 
  • My doctor's appointment on Tuesday was a sigh of relief. This is about where my pre-eclampsia kicked in last time around, so I was nervous about my blood pressure. Everything was spot on though! My doctor is moving me to bi-weekly appointments for the duration, but just as a precaution at this point. Liv's heartbeat was perfect & she was moving like a maniac - definitely a strong little girl in there! 
  • Receiving my packages from Pottery Barn Kids & Wayfair was exciting! I'm definitely reusing a lot of Ella's things, so I feel like each delivery & new item is a little more special this time around. 

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