Monday, April 27, 2015

My Favorite Accessories

Happy Monday Everyone! I came to school feeling super refreshed after my unexpected long weekend, but then everything that I would've done on Friday was sitting & waiting for me on my desk - so the feeling was short lived. #teacherproblems 

I just had to stop by & share my favorite accessories today though! I've just recently gotten into accessories. Up until about two years ago, I basically just wore a pair of stud earrings & my wedding band/engagement ring every day. Definitely not the case anymore! 

Favorite Bracelets: 

I wear my Alex & Ani bracelets every day. They're lightweight & I have them in both silver and gold, so I mix & match. I never wear all of them at once, usually about 5 at a time. I love that each one I have has a little story behind it - who it's from or why I purchased it. Today I'm wearing - a feather {from my cheerleaders}, an ice cream cone {from my sister}, an apple {because I'm a teacher}, a four leaf clover {from my very Irish in-laws}, and my mother's bangle {from Ella last Mother's Day}. 

Favorite Necklaces: 

wearing my BP Fringe Necklace
I love long necklaces. I'm just not into chokers. My absolute favorite is my BP fringe necklace, but I'm also loving my new one too! And I'm obsessed with the Kendra Scott Rayne necklace that Eric bought me for Christmas. I love that it's adds such a pop of color to every outfit I wear it with! 
wearing my Kendra Scott Rayne in Neon Yellow

My Watch: 

My watch is the Coach Boyfriend Watch & I got it for my birthday two years ago. I absolutely love it & how classic it is! I can (and do) wear it with just about everything.

Favorite Earrings: 

I am still all about the studs! I just can't handle dangly earrings. My favorite studs are my Kate Spade studs & my look alike Kate Spade studs. I wear them practically every day. If I'm not wearing those, I'm wearing my Marc Jacob's Button Studs. I bought them from Piperlime (so sad they're closing) almost 5 years ago & still wear them a ton!


As for rings, I still keep it basic with my engagement ring & wedding band every day. Maybe someday I'll be more adventurous! Ok... time to stop procrastinating & get to work on the huge pile currently inhabiting my desk! Happy Monday! 


  1. Love the earrings!!! And I have a rayne necklace too! SO AMAZING!

  2. Your watch is stunning! Love it!!
    Have a fabulous week! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

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