Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites to Get Fit!

If you're like me, not only does spring mean a new season of clothing options, it also means a renewed passion for fitness. As the weather gets warmer & the days get longer, so does my motivation to work out & eat right! While I stay pretty healthy all year long, I definitely am more apt to skip a trip to the gym if it's dark & snowy than if all I have to do is throw on my sneakers & run out the door into the sunshine! 

Even though I can't wear all of these pieces right now, these are the items I'm lusting over & hoping are still available after Miss Olivia makes her debut! 

I desperately need a new running bag, and I'm obsessed with the fun print of this one from Lululemon. It has a seal of approval from Maury at My Heart Races too - which just so happens to be my new favorite running blog! 

This Nike Tank looks super cute & super cool - which are two major requirements for spring & summer workouts! 

These shorts fit the same requirements as that Nike tank & I definitely think I'd wear them all of the time! I just love the print & how flowy they are! 

Nike Frees are my go-to running shoe & I am due for a new pair to lose the baby weight! I love these FlyKnit ones & have already asked my mom if I can have them for my birthday. {What? You don't send your mom an ongoing birthday list starting two months from your birthday?} 

The next two items may not look very exciting but I love running in my white Under Armour hat in the summer. It lets me leave my shades at home & keeps the sweat out of my eyes. {I've also been known to wear it at the beach, a lot.} And sweat wicking socks? A total must have for the warmer weather! 

I'm absolutely dying to try out Carrie Underwood's new activewear line! This top looks so cute & light weight. I can definitely see me wearing it all summer long! 

And of course, I just have to plug my FitBit obsession again! It has been so helpful in keeping me active this pregnancy. It can certainly be a little addictive, and my family definitely goes a bit overboard with our weekly challenges - but I just LOVE it! If you'd like to be my friend on FitBit, just search for me by my email {bribliss at gmail dot com} 

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