Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites - Spring Break & Other Randomness

Happy Friday Everyone! The problem with my Friday is, it's the last official day of Spring Break. I am not ready to go back to work... mainly because we have one week then state testing starts. That's definitely not one of my favorites, so we're going to lock that in a closet at the back of my brain for now. 

Moving on... we're going to one of our favorite places today - the zoo! We live really close, so our plan is to walk to Dunkin' to grab a tea for mama & a donut for Miss Ella, then circle back to the zoo & stay until lunch time. I absolutely love that it is such an easy outing for us, unlike all of the parents I saw trying to park & drag wagons full of gear yesterday as I drove by. 

Speaking of yesterday, it was my favorite day of the week. It was sunny, reached 70 and I got to wear sandals! Actually, this whole outfit was my favorite...

Other awesome parts of yesterday... 

  • I got 4 miles in with our dog while Ella was at Miss Jennie's.
  • We ate out with one of our best college friends at one of my favorite restaurants, where I just happened to have my favorite - Buffalo Chicken Salad! 
Moving onto other randomness...
  • I found these sunglasses at Forever 21 & am in love with them. They're only $5.90 & were the perfect alternative to the purple Ray Bans that I couldn't afford. 

  • I read this article this morning & completely agreed with it! Walking is such great exercise! I did nothing but walk for years before I became a runner & it's basically all I'm doing right now - but it works! 
  • And if you haven't had these bars yet... you NEED to make them for Easter! Shay is a genius - an evil genius. 

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