Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fit Pregnancy Update #2

I'm just going to take a minute to let you all applaud for me... because I have been on fire lately! 

This was Friday - which was a pretty average day :) 

I'm going on a week long streak of hitting my daily step goal & I have no intentions of stopping since the weather is just absolutely perfect for evening walks right now. I can't rave enough about my FitBit. It has been the best motivation for me. I thought I was way more active than I really was when I first got it & have made some simple adjustments to my day that have really added up fitness wise!

I did a 4 mile walk on the lake with my sister last night while it was gorgeous outside! 

Walking & light strength training are about the extent of my exercise routine right now, but it's working for me. I could probably handle Zumba and spinning still, but I'm so competitive that I know I would never modify to the extent that I should, simply because I'd want to look like that badass pregnant lady giving 110%. #egomaniac

As far as my eating goes, that has been on point the last week too. Ever since the failed one hour glucose test debacle, I've drastically cut back on my sugar intake & dropped my carbs as well. I was already tracking this information through MyFitnessPal, but I wasn't really paying attention to it. Now that I'm paying attention to it, I realize that I was overdoing it on the carbs & I've felt the difference since I cut back. I'm making up for my carbs with extra protein & that has definitely resulted in more energy. 

One more adjustment I've made is my daily calorie intake. My doctor had originally told me that 2200 was standard for the second trimester, but with my cutback in carbs, I just don't feel like I need that many right now. So I'm eating 1900, then allowing myself to eat activity calories as I see fit. 

Trust me, I'm not limiting myself drastically. A typical day still involves plenty of foods that I love. In fact, I realized yesterday that my lunch was basically all white foods - not a shining health moment - but I'm doing so much better than I did while I was pregnant with Ella & my doctor is really pleased with how I've kept myself in check so far. Moderation & awareness of what I'm putting in my mouth have been the keys to my success. 

I have zero intentions of letting myself go in the third trimester either! With warm weather, there will be plenty of family walks & grilling to keep me happy :) My hope is to keep my weight gain between 25 & 30 pounds for this pregnancy - literally less than half of what I gained with Ella - which is certainly attainable, as I'm sitting pretty at 16 pounds at 26 weeks. 

**Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional & every pregnancy is different. Please talk to your doctor about all fitness & calorie decisions that you are making during your pregnancy. Mine has been tremendously supportive & I'm sure yours will be too!**

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  1. You are killing it on your fitbit! That step count would be a super busy day for me, id love to add you on Fitbit!!
    Keep up the amazing work you are smashing this pregnancy.