Friday, April 24, 2015

An Unexpected Day at Home

I'm unexpectedly blogging from home this morning. Ella wasn't able to go to daycare today & Eric had meetings, making working from home a non-option for him, so mommy ended up with a three day weekend! Can't say that I can complain... except sub plans are always a beast & I'll definitely have to work on reports while Ella naps this afternoon. At least all of this can be accomplished in sweats, which is a huge bonus at 27 weeks pregnant! 

I hadn't realized how run down we were until Ella slept in until 7:15 - which never happens - and I slept until 7 myself - which is rare these days. So, I think today is a gift from God, telling us we needed to slow down & get rested back up. I had originally thought we'd run out to Target this morning & get a few things done, but Ella asked me if we could "just play," and I couldn't say no to her sweet little face. Also, I discovered that it's snowing. In April. So I'll be inside avoiding that like the plague. 

So if you need us today, we'll be at home, in the living room, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & "just playing" together. What more of a perfect start to the weekend could I ask for? 

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  1. Aww what a fun day!! I hope you 2 enjoy it :) I know what it is like making sub plans they suck :( Happy Friday