Tuesday, April 21, 2015

7 Tuesday Tangents

Just stopping by with a few random bits & pieces today. Well, let's be honest, my content is quite random on a regular basis. But today is extra random... 

1 - We're on the hunt for a reasonably priced blender because I want to make smoothies & milkshakes this summer. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! 

2 - I'm in love with these Boom Chicka Bites. I picked them up at Target over the weekend & will definitely be getting them again. They're popcorn covered in a light caramel drizzle & mixed with crushed nuts. So yummy! 

3 - Ella insisted that my mom buy her this skirt at Old Navy over the weekend. I wasn't on board, but have to admit that she looked pretty cute this morning. And yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet. We're trying to build independence & some days are better than others! 

4 - Praise Jesus - tonight is Ella's last soccer class of the session. I have really enjoyed having her in the class & I get a ton of steps in while we're there, but I'm just too tired after a day of teaching to chase her around right now. We're going to skip the May/June session & sign back up in the summer when I {hopefully} have more energy. 

5 - Yesterday was likely the last of our nice weather for awhile. The 10 Day forecast makes me want to throw up. Highs in the 40's. Rain with a chance of snow. Just no. It's not okay. I need shorts & maxis & long walks & grilling. And Ella needs her playhouse. 

6 - I'm slowly adding items to my Poshmark & Tradesy closets as I outgrow them this pregnancy. Eric & I are on the same page that Olivia will be our last child & I'm purging the vast majority of my maternity stockpile. If you're pregnant & looking for some affordable pieces in great condition - you should check it out! 

7 - I'm really quite in love with BP. jewelry from Nordstrom. I now own 2 necklaces and 2 pairs of earrings from the brand & love them all! These earrings look just like my Kate Spade studs, but are only $8! And I talked about this necklace on my Friday Favorites last week - but I've been wearing it on repeat & just can't get over how reasonably priced it is! {Props to Shaeffer for introducing me to these awesome items too!} 

I own these in ligh pink & ivory - but they come in other fun colors too!

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  1. Those boom chicka bites sound awesome! I see them at my local grocery but have never bought them! I think I will now!