Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

We kicked off our Friday in the best possible way - donuts! We are normally drive-thru people, but we were running early - #miracle - so I let Ella go inside to pick out her donut. (Sidenote - we only get donuts on Fridays, and even then she never actually eats the whole thing.) As we walked up to the case, Ella did some serious contemplating, but eventually settled on Vanilla Dipped with Sprinkles. I thought it was a good choice & was more than happy to eat her leftovers. 

After school, we headed home & I did some cleaning while Ella did some coloring. Eric wasn't far behind us and started the spaghetti as soon as he got home. (He is extremely particular about his sauce, so if we eat pasta, he makes it.)  

On Saturday morning, we woke up to a lot of puddles, but generally mild weather, so we decided to head out on a family walk. Charlie got filthy. Ella fell asleep. Eric & I enjoyed ourselves. 

Once we were home from our walk, I got ready & headed out for my hair appointment. I really needed a trim, so I was ecstatic that my salon was able to fit me in on Saturday afternoon! There is seriously nothing better than a fresh trim & a blow out. Seriously, if we had a Dry Bar in Rochester, I'd be there all of the time. 

After my appointment, I met this little cutie at Target for some hot chocolate & browsing. Sister + Target = Heaven. I loved her outfit, so I just had to take a pic of her! 

As always, we found a whole lot of treasures... and a some other things we didn't need. Then, we headed back to my house to hang out with Ella & eat baked potatoes the size of footballs topped with pulled pork & cheese. Those were easily my best idea all weekend long... 

Sunday morning we woke up to snow! I was so disgusted I refused to take a picture. It melted off quickly, but #ugh... Ella didn't mind though & snuggled right up in her daddy's recline with her "bagel", clementines, and her shows. It gave me a chance to get some school work done, eat my own breakfast, and empty the dishwasher. Then we got daddy up because I had to get ready for our Cheer Banquet. 

Another car selfie to document the fact that I was feeling pretty glam yesterday on my way to the banquet... 

I loved a lot of things about banquet yesterday, in no particular order... 

  • It was brunch & we all know brunch is my love language. 
  • We had cake... really good cake with lots of frosting. 
  • I got to see all of my favorite girls & talk about how amazing they are. 
  • I got to get dressed up & even though the snow derailed my plans for heels, I still felt super girly. 
  • My friend, Kristine, let me borrow this awesome Boden dress that isn't maternity, but was stretchy enough for me to slither into! 

After banquet, I headed straight for the gym to work off said brunch & cake. I got a solid hour of cardio in & felt awesome by the time I left. The gym is always super quiet on Sunday afternoons, so it's always my favorite time to go. I have my pick of machines & can switch the t.v. station without anyone complaining. 

While I was at banquet & the gym, Ella was out with her Aunt Britt & Uncle Matt. They were going to the mall to do some shopping & thought it'd be fun to take the peanut with them. She somehow managed to con them into buying her a Sofia Duplo set, feeding her Macarollin', and letting her try on Baby Ray Bans. I think it's safe to say she had a great time... 

Ella & I both got home about the same time and the whole family started to prep for the week with our normal laundry, meal prepping, and cleaning routine. Such a relaxed & fun weekend! Can't wait for more of the same next week... plus Spring Break starts on Friday!! 

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