Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

St. Patrick's Day is a pretty big deal for Eric's family. He comes from a very Irish town - one that hosts it's own parade & festival each year. And since my mother in law's birthday is March 16th too, we always end up in town celebrating the weekend before. This was the first year that Ella actually understood what a parade was, and she was pretty excited about it! 

It was super rainy outside, so I opted to wear this festive little Guinness hat from my father in law's closet, while Ella opted for some festive bows.

Selfie with my sister in law, Allison, before I dropped her off to march with the band...

Miss Ella is showing off her sash that her Grandpa Dave got for her!

I know this picture is super blurry, but the settings on my mother in law's camera are all screwed up. The point is, she had a matching sash with her Grandpa Dave... 

We hit up our favorite diner for breakfast before the parade. I have no idea how many meals I've ate here, but it's always delicious! Eric's grandma gets coffee here with all of her friends every Saturday too, so we met up with them. They're a real hoot, so it was both an entertaining & delicious dining experience.

Once Ella cleaned the restaurant out of scrambled eggs (seriously, we had to order her a second plate), we headed to watch the parade! I am looking super pregnant in this photo, but it's really just the fact that I'm wearing my North Face cold weather jacket underneath my North Face rain coat. It may have been 50, but the rain made it feel very chilly while we watched the parade for an hour. 

Ella had a little bag to collect her candy in during the parade! She got so into it! 

Dancing to the band (not the marching band - a real band) after the parade! 

And a few shots from this morning because Ella & her besties are just too cute! 

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