Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break Kick Off Weeke

As I mentioned on Friday, my Spring Break started at 3 p.m. that afternoon. Many of my colleagues bolted for the doors so that they could finish packing & hop flights south. I, on the other hand, had a wild night planned with these two...

I had strategically scheduled Charlie's grooming appointment for 6 p.m. on Friday night so that we'd have an excuse to go out together. We had a coupon for free dessert at Uno's, so that was where we went! I had my favorite salad & Eric opted for pizza. The real champ of the night was Ella though, that girl housed her macaroni & cheese and broccoli, then ate over half of the dessert we were all sharing! Eric & I just kept laughing because we rarely see her that excited to eat.

Once dinner was over, we make a quick pit stop at Target to pick up Olivia's crib mattress, then picked up this handsome fella to head home!

Saturday morning was super-productive around our house. Actually, I should say Eric was super productive. He woke up me up with the smell of bacon, then he put Olivia's crib together. I love that man.

While he did all that, I lounged around watching Fixer Upper & colored with this peanut.

We put that huge box to good use!

Ella is really fascinated by Olivia's crib. I keep finding her in there, just kind of looking around. I think it will be interesting to see her reactions as we put more & more touches on the room that used to be hers...

While Ella napped, I headed to the gym for some cardio & watched some more HGTV. I just can't get enough of that channel. I'm not sure if it drives Eric crazy or if he's just grateful it isn't the Kardashians.

After the gym, I made a quick pit stop for some tea & a banana. I really wanted one of those drinks that's basically a milkshake, but I stopped myself because I'd already went over my calories on Friday night with the apple pie sundae.

We had a nice, home cooked meal for dinner, then Ella & I "played sleepover." This basically consisted of her getting out her sleeping bag and the two of us sharing popcorn. Best game ever in my opinion.

Unfortunately, Ella barely slept on Saturday night. She kept coming into our room & telling me that her nose was all bubbly. What she meant was her nose was running & it continued to run all day Sunday. She was seriously irritated by it, but that didn't stop us from another day of low key fun.

We FaceTimed with her grandparents, then got ready for a trip to Wegmans for groceries. We timed our trip perfectly & Ella hit the jackpot on samples. She tried a strawberry smoothie with kale, greek yogurt with blueberries, and cranberry raisin bread with brie. Homegirl - and her daddy -  were in heaven.

While Ella napped, Eric & I decided to exercise in shifts. So, he went out & walked the dog while I stayed with Ella and did some baking. Then, when he got home, I headed out for 3 miles. The sun was shining & even though it was brisk, it was just nice to be outside. Once home, I got back into the kitchen and made dinner to take over to my sister's house. Then, I heard a boom & walked upstairs to see this... I swear I thought she was dead at first. After a mini-stroke, I heard her breathing... then snapped a photo of course. 

We headed over to my sister's so that Eric could help my brother - in - law bottle his home brew. We have to wait a week to two weeks to see how it turned out. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Matt... 

It was a lot less involved than I'd expected, and they didn't need my help, so I kind of just hung out with Ella in the living room...  

It was a great night with lots of pasta, lots of family time, and lots of college basketball. But the best part of the night was getting home & not having to pack a million bags to head out at 6 am this morning. Yay for Spring Break! 

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