Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break Goals

It's already Sunday evening & I feel like my Spring Break is flying by! I decided that I needed to get my act together & set some goals for the week. It'll be over before I know it if I don't! 

1 - Try 3 New Recipes

We get stuck in serious dinner ruts around here, so I try to mix it up when I have extra time on breaks.

2 - Clean Ella's Closet & Consign 

I need to switch out Ella's winter clothes & pull out what doesn't fit her. I will be saving my favorite pieces for Olivia, but some of it will be headed to Once Upon a Child.

3 - Stay within My Calories 

Self - explanatory.

4 - Get My Steps In 

I averaged over 10,000 steps every day last week & am really hoping to keep it up this week. You'd think that if get more steps in on my days off, but I'm on the move so much at work the opposite is actually true. I may end up pacing around the living room, but I'm determined. 

5 - Finish All My Bloodwork 

I have orders from my doctor to get my glucose test done this week and also do a baseline of my protein count. Not fun stuff, but I have to make it a priority. 

Is anyone else on break this week? Exciting plans?! 

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  1. Hope you have a fabulous spring break!! Sometimes productive breaks are the best type!