Monday, March 2, 2015

Pinspired - Pregnant Edition #2

Happy Monday everyone! I'm in an awesome mood today because - February is finally over, spring HAS to be on the way soon, and I'm sharing an outfit I loved with you all for Get Pinspired with Shaeffer, Shay, and Mel

I was hoping to feature a spring look for this month's Get Pinspired, but the weather in New York wasn't having that. In fact, we're just coming off the coldest month we've had in over a decade. So I opted for layers instead. 

I found this pin from Hi Sugarplum & absolutely loved how she layered it all together! Who knew a Texas girl knew so much about layering?! 

button down, vest, & sweatshirt - J.Crew Factory
jeans - J.Crew
long sleeved shirt - Gap
boots - American Eagle

Cassie actually has a sweet jean jacket with sweatshirt material on the arms, but I don't. So I used an actual sweatshirt, then added my favorite plaid button down from J.Crew & a solid purple shirt underneath. On top of all that, I threw on my navy vest! I was toasty, yet pulled together all day long as we were out shopping! 

And here's a look at the outfit without my vest on, because I would definitely wear it with non-distressed jeans for casual Friday at school. I'm 20 weeks along in the picture & thought the look worked perfectly with my bump! 

Thanks for the inspiration Cassie


  1. I was Pinspired by similar outfits- love layering!

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