Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites - Spring Shopping

In case you haven't noticed, spring is on my mind this week. I truly just cannot wait to be able to ditch my winter coat & boots. I'm a girl who wears sandals as soon as it hits 60, but in the Northeast, I've still got a good month of waiting to do. So what to do while I wait? Well that's obvious - I shop! 

My first favorite is far pricier than I'd normal purchase, but I've sold a lot of stuff on Poshmark & Tradesy lately, so I allowed myself to splurge a bit. I also live in sandals from May to September, so I'm thinking of these beauties as an investment - which is a valid argument because I had my last pair of brown sandals for 5 years & intend to wear these just as long.

I had really contemplated buying Miller sandals because I've had my eye on those forever, but in the end, I just couldn't stop thinking about these one! 

Speaking of items I am thinking of as an investment - I made my first Matilda Jane purchase this week! I am always adoring how sweet Andrea's daugther looks in her clothes & finally decided to take the plunge. I cannot tell you how excellent the customer service was. I purchased the pink polka dot sweater & this adorable dress - both of which I intend to save & pass down to Olivia when Ella outgrows them. Definitely a perk of having two girls! 

Some other pieces I'm just loving for the girls right now... 

And now that I'm fitting into my maternity clothes, it's kind of like I have a new spring wardrobe. (Actually, a lot of it is new to me, because I share maternity clothes with 3 of my co-workers - which is one of the best things you can ever do if you're pregnant!) So, I'm working really hard at not buying anything new for myself. Obviously, I just spent plenty on new sandals, so I need to chill.... we'll see how my shopping hiatus goes. I can assure you it won't be one of my favorite things... 

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  1. I love passing time waiting for the warm weather to hit by shopping – then we’re ready to go when it actually is warm! I love those tories.. along with all her sandals of course! They are my go to summer shoe!