Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites from Our Week

Happy Friday! It has been a long one around these parts, not for any reason in particular, it just seems like we've been on the go all week long. That said, this week has featured a lot of my favorite things, so I'm linking up with Andrea to share them all with you! 

One of my favorite parts of the week is taking Ella to her soccer class. Two & three year olds running around, chasing soccer balls and/or each other = the cutest thing ever! It definitely makes Tuesday nights more interesting. 

Another thing that made our Tuesday more interesting this week was that Ella didn't have any potty accidents! To celebrate, we all went to Panera for dinner. Ella had her favorite - macaroni & cheese - and I had mine - broccoli cheddar soup. Eric opted for some crazy looking salad with more fruit than vegetables - not my style- but he really enjoyed it!  

Another favorite part of this week was the cookies that I made - well Nestle Toll House should probably get the real credit. I used their rolled & ready cookie dough to make sugar cookie/frosting sandwiches - OMG so good! Mine weren't what I'd call attractive, but they were 100% delicious & easy to make. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, I've included the picture below for reference - again, mine didn't look nearly this good. But, I just used the rolled & ready cookie dough with a can of frosting. It's a miracle I didn't gain 5 pounds. 

not mine... source
And I'm excited that tonight for dinner, we're having my favorite pregnancy meal - spaghetti with homemade meatballs! Eric has been making up big batches of meatballs using his family's recipe & we freeze them for easy suppers. I pulled out a batch last night & know it's going to be the perfect ending to our week. 

from the last time Eric made them... 

And one last thing... if you know me at all, you know I love a good sale! Here are a few of my favorite sale finds from this week... 
  • I think this jacket is fabulous & it's Lululemon! I'm always impressed by the quality of their products & if I wasn't pregnant, I'd be all over it! 
  • Old Navy is having a huge spring break sale & I'm going to run into the store to pick up these jeans for Miss Ella. She had them last year & absolutely lived in them. Right now they're less than $10! A lot of the picks I featured last Friday are on sale right now too! 
  • J.Crew Factory has been having some great deals lately! I picked up this tunic earlier in the week that I'll be able to wear as a shirt while I'm pregnant & a swim cover up after. I'm also loving that they have my favorite shorts in Ella's size! She scored this adorable pink pair while they were on sale!

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  1. Those cookies sound seriously delicious!
    JCrew factory has been having the greatest deals and some of the cutest stuff lately!!