Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bumpdate: Halfway There!

on my way to the gym Sunday...

size of the baby: Banana 

total weight gain: 12 lbs.  

gender: Baby Girl - Miss Olivia Rose 

maternity clothes: I'm kind of in a weird stage where I have a bump & am comfiest in maternity clothes, but at the same time, a lot of the items I have are still too big for me. For instance, I just bought a new maternity dress from Target  (on clearance) & it's supposed to hug my bump. Despite the fact that I bought a size small, it's definitely saggy. So... I'm just going to wait a few weeks on that! I can still wear a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes, so I'll just keep remixing those with my maternity pants while I wait! 

movement: She's just a moving in there. Eric is trying really hard to feel her, but nothing yet. She's getting stronger though, so I think it will be soon. 

sleep: Eric was gone for 4 nights this week & nobody sleeps well at our house when he's gone. The dog literally stands guard all night & barks at the tiniest noise. So... I was pretty sleep deprived by the time he got home! Other than that my weird dreams are gone for the time being & I'm sleeping well. 

missing: Nothing... I'm happy as a clam. 

craving: breakfast. I want breakfast for every meal, every day. Bacon, eggs, waffles, muffins, donuts.... I want it all.  

symptoms: I can tell that Olivia is definitely starting to press on my lungs. I feel like an old lady when I go up the stairs. It's nothing I can't handle, I just don't have the endurance I normally do. Also, I was told that I waddled the other day... ugh. 

Ella is: still potty training. It's a process. We're all pretty determined though. Thank God for Miss Jennie because she's a total pro at this & I'm just following her lead. 

looking forward to: a trip to my parents' country house this weekend. I can't believe that we haven't been there since Christmas! This year has just been crazy so far! We're going to celebrate my Grandma's birthday - which means CAKE! 

best moments: This isn't pregnancy related specifically, but I'm so proud of Ella this week. She's working so hard at her potty training &  was just so good the whole time her daddy was gone. Seeing her growing up just makes me that much more excited to have another one on the way!

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