Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bumpdate: 21 Weeks

size of the baby: Pomegranate 

total weight gain: 14.5 lbs. - Yeah... we had a bit of a growth spurt this past week. The doctor assured me not to stress about it & that it was normal. I've definitely popped & I swear my bump is far bigger than it looks in the picture above. Actually, this picture gives a better idea of what it looks like right now... 

gender: Baby Girl - Miss Olivia Rose 

maternity clothes: I can still wear some of my normal clothes, but my maternity clothes are starting to fit better. It's pretty much a 50/50 mix at this point... 

movement: She's just a moving in there. Eric still can't feel her. He'll have her hand exactly where she's moving & can't feel it, so he's either very insensitive to movement or she just isn't strong enough yet. 

sleep: The time change threw us for a loop & we've all been extra sleepy this week! 

missing: Nothing at the moment, but we're going to the St. Patrick's parade & celebration in Eric's hometown this weekend. It will most likely be the only time in my pregnancy I miss alcohol...  

craving: Jellybeans! I made the mistake of buying a bag & putting them in a bowl on the kitchen counter. That's not happening again! 

symptoms: I had a really bad cold this week. I was really congested & if you don't know, you can't take most cold medicines during pregnancy. Everything I would normally take was a no-no, so I decided to tough it out. I'm feeling better now, but Monday & Tuesday were the worst! 

Ella: started soccer this week! We're making an effort to put her into more "big kid" activities now that Olivia is on the way. She did pretty well, way better than at her trial class. I think she's going to really like it once she understands the whole following directions & not just running around crazy piece of it. 

looking forward to: taking Ella to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Eric's hometown. We missed it last year because we were at Disney with my parents, but she loved it the year before! We all have our outfits laid out & we're ready to party! We leave after school tomorrow, so I'll spend all of tonight packing us up. It's worth it though! 

best moments: I got to see my extended family last weekend & it just made me happy. As the weather warms up, we'll be down there more often. They're all so excited for the second baby & I can't wait for Olivia to meet them all! 

Ella playing with Uncle Matt & her cousin Ethan

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