Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday - Spirit Week Edition

Spirit Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. First, I love dressing like a nutjob for fun. Second, it means February Break begins on Friday! Last, it means we have a pep rally, and every cheerleading coach loves a good pep rally! 

Monday - Sports Day 

This is the easiest day of the week. I just had to throw on my Bills hoodie & my new favorite slip on sneakers and then I was set! 

Tuesday - Red, White, & Blue Day 

My FAVORITE day of the week! I was going to save this outfit for Pinspired, because I totally got the idea for my gingham shirt with a striped blazer from Shanna - but I just loved it too much to wait a month! 
**Side note: my mirror used to be in what is now Ella's room. Thus, it's temporarily placed in the complete mess of a soon to be nursery. I honestly have no idea where it's going to end up. But the point it, please ignore the mess behind me!**
Wednesday - Neon Day 

I like to think of this as Highlighter Day, because whenever you walk by a classroom it essentially looks like a box of highlighters. I went with a neon pink tank, my neon pink Nike Frees, and my neon yellow Kendra Scott necklace. 

Thursday - Flip Flop Day 

Just to be clear, we don't wear flip flops on Flip Flop Day. Instead, teachers dress like students & vice versa. In our middle school, the girls have a pretty definitive style - anything from Victoria's Secret Pink, leggings, and Uggs. However, I didn't feel comfortable strutting my stuff in leggings & an exposed booty all day - at least not at school - so I opted for skinny jeans with my Ugg moccassins & a Pink quarter zip sweatshirt. 

Friday - Blue & Gold Day 

This is another easy day when you're the cheerleading coach. I own a ton of blue & gold, but it was absolutely freezing on Friday (to the point that we weren't even sure if we'd have school), so I put personal comfort ahead of style. I ended up wearing a 1/4 zip fleece hoodie that I normally only wear around the house, plus two layers underneath, with my favorite distressed jeans (also worn on Tuesday) and my Ugg moccasins. Trust me, none of you want to copy it, but it had to be done!! 

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