Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Recap: Road Trip Edition

On Thursday, Ella & I loaded up the car and headed for my parent's house in Albany. We got on the road bright & early because we were slated to meet my mom for lunch & the roads weren't the best. Thankfully, once we got out of Rochester & hit the Thru-way, we made pretty good time. Overall, it took us about 4 1/2 hours, which is about 45 minutes longer than normal, but Ella was so good in the car, which is important because she really could have made 4 1/2 hours seem like 9 if she'd tried to. 

We met my mom at her office & dropped off some cupcakes for her employees, then headed out to lunch. We decided on pizza - which was a bad choice because Ella insisted on sitting next to my mom, who was wearing a white shirt. Thankfully, she didn't have any meetings in the afternoon & it came out in the wash. 

We got to my parents' house in time for Ella to nap, which allowed me to get a run in on the treadmill. This was the only peaceful run I got in this weekend because Ella is totally against me using the treadmill. She'd be completely occupied then hear the treadmill kick on & come to get me off. Thankfully my parents intervened so I got cardio in every day, but I was so surprised by Ella's reaction. Her babysitter runs all of the time while they play, and she doesn't give her any problems. Who knows... 

my parents' little gym set up - a treadmill, tv, & bike - makes me happy

Friday was a very exciting day because my dad took the day off & the three of us headed to The Great Escape's indoor water park in Lake George! I wasn't very excited to put on my swimsuit at 19 weeks pregnant, but I was excited that it was 85 degrees inside! Ella played until she could barely keep her eyes open, and we ended up dragging her out of the place after about 3 hours. She's definitely not big enough to spend a whole day there, but she loved the time that we spent there! 

swinging with my dad

That night we went out to dinner at one of my parents' favorite restaurants, where I satisfied my craving for chicken wings. I wish I could say that was the only splurge I had this weekend, but if you saw this post on my IG, you know that isn't true... 

The good news is that I did stay within my calories every day (I get 2,100 a day for this trimester, which is a lot in my opinion) and I exercised every day too. So, yes I indulged in a Zinger & chicken wings... but I didn't overdo it. 

Saturday was spent doing what my mom & I do best - shopping! She's headed to Florida in less than a month, so she was able to buy some super cute spring stuff, while we both kind of went overboard on Ella & Olivia. I did buy two things for myself - the skirt I featured on Friday, which I actually think may fit both before & after baby, and some new socks. I know, very exciting stuff, but I have a ton of maternity clothes from my friends & feel guilty buying anything I'll only wear a handful of times. 

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel, which is one of my favorites, and got ready to head home. Eric was obviously missing us, so we left right after breakfast. Ella didn't sleep at all, but was good as gold watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad. 

Once we made it home, Ella got busy in her playroom, and I got busy unpacking. Eric made a delicious, healthy dinner to get me back on track, and then we all bundled up to watch our shows: Ella - Sofia, Eric - The Oscars, and me - Fixer Upper. 

We're all back at work & in our routine today! Only 5 weeks until Spring Break! Not that I'm counting... 

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