Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Day!

Yesteday, at 5 a.m., I got the call that every teacher dreams of... SNOW DAY! We really did get hit pretty hard & there was at least 6 inches on the ground by the time I got out of bed at seven. The snow continued all day & it definitely piled up! Pair that snow with some serious wind chill & it was the perfect day to spend at home!

We started the day off with a Snow Day breakfast & lots of bedhead. Then I actually got to watch the Today Show while Ella played in her playroom. 

Eric worked from home all day, but spent more time snow blowing than he did working. He was feeling super neighborly & plowed out both of our neighbors. I'd like to think he was feeling generous, but the fact that he just really loves his snow blower might be closer to the truth. 

While Daddy was outside dealing with the snow, we were inside baking cookies! I was really fancy & used a box of Funfetti Sugar Cookie mix. Pinterest would be so proud... 

Ella didn't care though - she had a blast making them & absolutely loved the one that she got to eat. 

Like I said, Eric loves his snowblower, so he even made Ella a path to her playhouse! Once that happened, we just had to go out & play in the snow! 

Lucky for me, Ella doesn't have much stamina for the elements & we were back inside quickly. She took a nap, then got down to business with her blocks while I watched HGTV. 

For dinner, we had classic comfort food - Macaroni & Cheese! The perfect end to our Snow Day... 

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