Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gender Reveal Dinner

I wanted nothing more than to have a gender reveal party for this pregnancy. One of my best friends had volunteered to host it. We'd started to plan it. Then... we couldn't find a date. We both wanted our families there & coordinating those schedules is a nightmare. Plus, our ultrasound got scheduled for a Wednesday & I know myself well enough to know that I simply wouldn't be able to wait until the weekend. Thus... we gave up the Pinterest inspired dream. 

Except... not completely. I knew that I still wanted to do something fun to celebrate. I wanted to include Ella & I wanted to incorporate an announcement to our friends. Like I said, I'm not a patient person, so doing professional photographs was simply out of the question. I'm also not particularly crafty or made of money, so what we ended up with was a simple party at home to celebrate the fact that we will be welcoming Miss Olivia into our lives in less than five months. 

Ella & I made Strawberry Cupcakes while Eric was at work Wednesday afternoon. I had thought about trying to do a white cupcake with a fun filling, but like I said - not crafty. I did surprise myself with my simple decorations though. I bought a bag of pink balloons for a dollar & then use a needle with thread to make the balloon banner behind us! 

Eric brought me home some hydrangeas & this adorable little balloon too! So we had a very cheerful little table. 

Ella was all about the cupcakes & was dying to eat one. I swear, it was torture for her to make it through dinner with those staring across the table at her. 

And of course we took some fun pictures in our pink outfits to share with our friends & family! 


  1. Super cute pics! I also love the idea of a gender reveal party but I wouldn't be able to keep it to myself until then either :)

  2. I imagine our second time around will be even harder to keep the gender a secret until the big reveal! Yay for sisters!