Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites for Spring

So... we're still a ways out from spring in Upstate New York. In fact, I don't bank on actual spring weather until early May. And as much as my sister & I have dropped hints, my parents haven't invited us on their trip to Florida next month. But, that doesn't mean I can't dream... and shop. 

First up on my list - new sunglasses. I've been wearing my Coach Kristina Aviators for almost three years & they're getting beat up. Last year I bought a few cheap pairs, but they didn't hold up well at all. I've been rocking my classic Wayfarers lately, but I'm in love with these! Nothing says spring in Rochester like lilac... 

Ray Ban Original Aviator with Lilac Lenses

And I know it's silly for me to shop for clothes, since I'll be living in my stockpile of maternity maxis all spring, but I can't help myself. I walked into Athleta the other day to stalk the clearance section & immediately fell in love with this skort. (Yes, I love skorts.) I think it's the perfect piece for after baby - comfortable, yet put together. I mean how cute does the model look? 

Athleta Stretch In Skirt

What isn't silly for me to be shopping for? Baby clothes. Ok, if you ask my husband it is silly for me to be shopping for baby clothes since we have a rather sizable tote full in our basement. What he doesn't understand is that a) there's no way he's ever going to get me to stop & b) Ella & Olivia will clearly need coordinating outfits this summer. #duh Thankfully, Gap has come through in a major way with some of the sweetest summer dresses in history for both of the girls. (I just LOVE typing the phrase "both of the girls.") I just love these ones below... 

Both dresses are called "Eyelet Flutter." You can find the baby version here & the toddler version here! You will definitely be seeing my girls in them this summer! 

Oh! I'm adding one last thing because I was in Gap today & saw that Ella's favorite sandals from last summer are back! She wore them to death & had them in both colors. I'm sure they'll sell out fast, so I already bought her new size - in both colors - again! 

OK Spring, I'm ready. Let's get a move on! 


  1. I hope it gets warmer.. I live in Florida and it still has been cold but not as cold as up north.. I love the sunglasses.. I got the Tory Burch ones and I love them :)
    Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  2. I LOVE those lilac lenses! I need those in my avis!