Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

I woke up before Ella this morning. I can't remember the last time that happened. She' slept until after 7, giving me time to get myself dressed & ready for our morning plans...

We didn't have anything even remotely fancy on the agenda, so I decided to wear my new Moto Jogger Sweats from Gap & one of my favorite sweatshirts with my leopard print sneakers. In hindsight, sneakers weren't the best call because we got more snow than I'd expected the night before, but I was still warm enough with my black puffer & gloves on. 

My parents are in town, so once Ella was up, we headed over to my sister's house to meet up with everyone & head to our favorite local diner. I ate like absolute crap the past two days - not exaggerating, stress eating was in full force for my last competition - so I didn't opt for my normal omelette. Instead, I shared a breakfast combo with Ella. Yet, I'm still full three hours later as I write this... 

After breakfast, Ella & I headed to Wegmans with my sister & brother in law while my parents decided they'd better get back to Albany. We're expecting a snow storm & they didn't want to get stuck driving in it. Can't blame them, but I always wish that they could stay longer. 

Wegmans was surprisingly calm. Between the Super Bowl & the forecast, I'd anticipated chaos. But we were able to get in & get out with everything we needed within in an hour. 

Now we're at home, snuggling & waiting for Eric to get home from his overnight trip. Our Super Bowl plans have been cancelled, so we'll be lounging, watching the Puppy Bowl, and eating at home tonight. No complaints here though, nothing better than a Sunday at home in my world! 

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