Monday, February 9, 2015

Busy, but Good Busy...

This weekend was very, very busy... but good busy - because it was fun, fun, fun! 

On Saturday morning, I met my sister at the gym & got in a solid workout. I've missed the gym so much & am thrilled that Eric bought me a 3 month membership to get me through the rest of winter. He knows how cranky I get when I don't get to exercise... 

I then headed home to get ready for Sectionals. Even though I wasn't coaching, I was still extremely nervous. The Varsity coach is one of my best friends, I was the co-coach of the team in the fall, and I love the girls - so obviously I wanted them to do well! I really & truly though they were going to take 2nd place, but we ended up getting 3rd by .8 pts. Yes... less than a point. It was tough to swallow, mainly because we've beaten the 2nd place team more than once & we had a near perfect performance. So another season is officially over... time to start thinking about next year. Oh that's right, I'm not coaching... 

I literally ran out of the competition & hopped into my sister's car. Her & Ella were waiting for me to whisk me off to Disney on Ice! After changing in the car - which is really difficult at 17 weeks pregnant - we stopped at Chipotle for dinner then headed to the arena. 

I have three main things to say about Disney on Ice...

1. Just like Disney World, be prepared to pay the price if you want a souvenir. Ella's Queen Elsa doll was $35 & I wouldn't have bought it myself, but her Aunt Britt & Uncle Matt bought it for her, so we'll roll with it. 

2. The actual tickets are worth the price. The show was amazing & Ella loved every minute of it. I wasn't sure if she would be able to stay focused for a 2 hour show, but she was totally into it. It helped that Frozen made up most of the second half & she's frozen obsessed. She was definitely sleepy by the end, it was an hour after her bedtime after all, but she loved it. 

3. Brace yourself for the cuteness of an arena full of kids singing all the words to Frozen. I couldn't help but smile as I heard gasps & squeals from kids as Anna emerged and then as Elsa broke into Let It Go. Seriously, watching Ella sing along & clap her hands was my favorite part of the night. 

This Olaf hat came with our (overpriced) cotton candy, but the pictures totally made it worth it!

We got home around 10 on Sunday, which is really late for us. So Ella of course went right to bed, and so did I. We woke up around our normal six o'clock & got right down to business. I personally believe the messier the playroom, the happier the kid. She's obviously the happiest... 

Later in the morning, we headed out to run some errands, which included getting my glasses fixed. It took longer than anticipated, so we walked around the mall & Eric gave Ella a little golf lesson at Dick's. 

By the time we made it to Red Robin, I was starving. I'm not proud, but I'll admit that I totally ordered a second basket of fries. In my defense, I shared my meal with Ella... and I'm pregnant. Yep, I totally played that card. 

The upside of eating a huge lunch was that I wasn't hungry while grocery shopping after, which means I stuck to my list & have tons of healthy food to eat all week long. And I have this too... because I was dying for an apple crisp. 

I had planned to go to the gym while Ella napped after errands, but the weather was awful, so I decided to stay home instead. I still got a ton done & Ella is now officially moved into her new bedroom! I'll have more to share on that later this week, because it's definitley still a work in progress... but it's a step in the right direction & making it feel very real that a baby will be joining us in no time! 

Happy Monday! 

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