Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bumpdate: 19 Weeks

size of the baby: Mango 

total weight gain: 11 lbs.  

gender: Baby Girl - Miss Olivia Rose 

maternity clothes: Other than my absolute favorite jeans & my workout clothes, I'm wearing pretty much all maternity pants now. I'm just more comfortable in them & I have nice ones from J.Crew that I love so it isn't that bad. I was watching Mad Men with Eric the other night & I would die if I had to dress like Betsy did when she was pregnant! I'm still wearing my normal tops & dresses. The bump isn't huge, but it's definitely more pronounced than it was before our winter break. If people didn't know before, they definitely do now! 

movement: She's just a moving in there. Eric is trying really hard to feel her, but nothing yet. She's getting stronger though, so I think it will be soon. 

sleep: Still sleeping ok. I'm up a few times to go to the bathroom & get a drink. The dreams are still crazy, but nothing that is keeping me up at night.  

missing: The warm weather. I'm so over winter! It just makes everything more difficult. I'm sick of layers. I'm sick of starting my car a half an hour early in the morning. I'm concerned that my puffer jacket isn't going to zip in a week or two. I just want spring. 

craving: chicken wings - which I had while I was at my parents' this week. Other than that, just my normal... 

symptoms: Things are getting just a little harder. I can still carry Ella, but not as long & easily as before. I was just a little winded going up the consecutive flights of stairs at my parents' house. 

Ella is: starting potty training. Everyone please say a prayer for me. She's not very focused, so I'm worried it's going to be a process. 

looking forward to: the arrival of Olivia's crib & getting her closet put together. I'd like to start pulling things out of storage & getting her room together, but Eric is quick to remind me that we still have at least 4 months to go... 

best moments: shopping for matching outfits for Ella & Olivia! I am going to have the best time ever with two little girls :) 

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