Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

size of the baby: Sweet Potato 

total weight gain: 9.5 lbs. 

gender: We finally know... it's a girl! I'm so excited to start shopping for her room & to be calling her by her name. 

maternity clothes: I can still wear non-maternity jeans with a belly band, so I was surprised when my sweater was a little too short on Sunday! As hard as I'm fighting it, I may be breaking out maternity tops sooner than later...

movement: I'm still feeling the baby once or twice a day, but during the sonogram she was going nuts! It's crazy to think how much is happening right inside me & I'm totally unaware! 

sleep: I have had the craziest dreams all week long. I wish I could piece them together enough to tell you about them. They're so random... 

craving: Lots of things... a hot panini at the moment. Also crinkle cut french fries from Tom Wahl's & a Sonic Blast. Just junk food in general I guess... 

a cookie dough blast from Sonic... doesn't matter that it was -10 outside

symptoms: Like I said, the crazy dreams. Other than that I'm doing good! 

Ella is: still adjusting to her new room. She loves it, but doesn't understand why her old room isn't hers anymore. I'm hoping once the crib goes in she'll catch on a little bit more.

And I was not expecting her reaction when we took her with us to our doctor's appointment. She either cried or pouted the whole time! I think it was more about the fact that she could sit with me than the actual baby, but it wasn't the magical moment I'd envisioned.

looking forward to: my trip to my mom & dad's this weekend! Ella & I are on our way this morning & will be there until Sunday. We have big plans including an indoor water park & some baby shopping! 

best moment: finding out the gender of the baby then setting up our fun little dinner party to celebrate! I'll be sharing that tomorrow!

and my favorite outtake that just happens to show my growing belly...