Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bumpdate: 17 Weeks

size of the baby: Onion 

total weight gain: 9 lbs. - I'm gaining a pound per week pretty consistently right now & I'm ok with that. I think I was close to double that by this point last time, so something that I'm doing must be working.   

gender: Less than a week to go! We find out Wednesday morning what we're having! 

maternity clothes: Same as last week. 

movement: I'm feeling the baby almost every day now! It's not strong enough that Eric can feel yet, but he/she is definitely shaking it in there. 

sleep: I'm a pro sleeper. Ella is pretty much the only thing that wakes me up. 

missing: Running. I lost all of my endurance during cheer season, and I'm afraid to overdo it now. So I'm using the elliptical instead. Maybe if I'm feeling brave in the near future I'll give it a shot. But for now, I just creepily stare at the runners in the gym. 

craving: Fish Fry! And last night I got one! Eric's dad was in town, so we went to the Winfield, which just happens to serve Fish Fry on Wednesday & Friday nights. It really made my week. 

symptoms: Nothing really. I'm still feeling good. Crossing my fingers it lasts! 

Ella is: sleeping in her new bedroom! She adjusted to it really well, and I'm so happy that the transition is going smoothly. It's kind of surreal to walk into her old room & think about a new baby sleeping there. 

looking forward to: finding out the baby's gender this week - which will mean I can start working on the nursery & buying clothes for the baby! 

best moments: I had a really good time moving Ella into her new bedroom. I'm also loving being back at the gym - thank you hubby for my gym membership :) 

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