Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bumpdate: 16 Weeks

not looking very pregnant in this photo... the bump depends on the day

size of the baby: I got an email this week comparing the baby to a small gerbil... what? I definitely prefer fruit comparisons & the baby is the size of an avocado.

total weight gain: 8 lbs.

gender: Less than two weeks until we know... 

maternity clothes: I've been wearing a pretty solid 50/50 mix of maternity pants & regular pants. It kind of just depends on the day. No maternity shirts though & I'm hoping I'll hold out in my normal sweaters until spring because most of my maternity shirts & dresses are for warmer weather! 

movement: I feel the baby a few times a day now! I notice it most when I'm working at my desk or driving in the car. 

sleep: Still sleeping well :) 

missing: Nothing really, it's been a good week. A co-worker asked me how I managed to avoid chicken wing dip for the SuperBowl & I must have stared like she had three heads. She was talking about the blue cheese in it, but since I made my own & always use ranch instead (I really hate blue cheese) it wasn't an issue. 

craving: The urge for a McDonald's Bacon & Egg & Cheese is str0ng, but I continue to hold out. I'm afraid one bite will send me into a spiral! 

symptoms: Again, nothing really this week. I'm feeling good :) 

Ella is: on the lookout for babies! We were at the grocery store on Tuesday & she pointed 3 of them out to me. I'm happy that she's getting interested. 

looking forward to: spirit week at school next week & then a week off following that. Cheer season is over for me now, so I'm really looking forward to some more time in my schedule. I rejoined my old gym with my sister - just a 3 month pass to get us through winter. I'm itching to get on the spin bike & watch trash t.v. while I use the treadmill. The gym is my happy place. 

best moments: Sunday & Monday - we didn't do much at all & that was exactly what I needed after last week's craziness! 

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