Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Recap - Extended Edition

I just want to start this post off by personally thanking Martin Luther King Jr. for being the amazing man that he was & earning us all a day off from school... because OMG I needed it! I even did the unthinkable & didn't practice yesterday either. #gasp But let's back this train up to Saturday, because we have a lot of fun to cover from this weekend. 


Ella got the party started at 3 a.m. I wish I was kidding, but despite my attempts to put her back to bed, she was not having it. Thus, I put a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD on & did my best to sleep through the Hot Dog Dance. Around 6, I gave up. Ella & I headed downstairs for some eggs and got our day started. 

Since I had cheer tumbling at 9, I was able to shoot over to the weight room at school & get some cardio in before we got started. It was exactly what I needed. Thirty minutes of solitude, just me & my headphones. I'm only running intervals at this point, mainly because my endurance took a huge hit over the holidays & I haven't built it back up yet. Either way, getting moving makes me feel so much better than sitting on the couch. 

Once tumbling was over, I headed back home to meet Eric's dad & step-mom for a lunch date. We went to Shamrock Jack's, which is one of my new favorite local restaurants. It has beer-battered cheese curd - which is my definition of heaven. Truly, I love fried mozzarella & I love curd - this just takes it to a whole new level. I was a good girl & didn't eat the whole plate myself, then ordered a Buffalo Chicken Salad for my entree. It totally hit the spot too. I know I've been craving steak, but ever since I ate that, all I've wanted to do is go back & order another one. 

We followed up our lunch with  a trip to Wegmans. Ella asked Eric to get the truck cart, which I was skeptical would happen on a busy Saturday afternoon, but he agreed to try. When he came back, he didn't have our normal truck cart, the kind that you're daughter sits up & can see you & is the same size as a normal cart. Nope... he brought back a monstrosity. 

Ella was not a fan. She kept summoning me to the front of the cart to make sure that I was still there. I was not a fan because I kept running into things. It's the equivalent of going from a mini-van to a semi. But it kept things interesting... 

The rest of our night was spent building with blocks, reading books, and snuggling. Perfection. 


Ella let me stay in bed until 6:45 on Sunday morning and then when we came downstairs she completely entertained herself while I made breakfast. She then asked to eat her own breakfast in the living room, so I took the opportunity to do this... 

Alas, it was short-lived because Eric woke up & just had to upset the applecart by changing the channel to ESPN. Ella is obsessed with "her shows" right now, even though she isn't even watching them half the time, she just wants them on. Her & Eric immediately went into a power struggle over the remote that lasted until I took her upstairs with me while I got ready for the day & let her watch Sofia in my room. 

Once I got the two of us ready, we ventured out for a trip to Barnes & Noble, Target, and of course Starbucks. (When you're only allowed one iced tea a day, you make it count people!) We didn't have any plans & I wanted to get Ella out of the house for awhile because, like I said, she's a little too attached to the the t.v. right now. 

We stayed longer than I'd planned at the bookstore, but she was just having the best time! 

Once we finished our errands, we came home & had some lunch with daddy, which was promptly followed by a nap for Miss Ella. While she napped, I got busy on dinner preparations... 

I finally got to test out my Dutch oven & made some macaroni and cheese with cauliflower & broccoli - one of my winter favorites. I have been craving steak like crazy for over a week too, so Eric finally just made me one to go along with our mac & cheese. Such a delicious dinner! 


My other mother-in-law, Grammy Nancy, joined us for our MLK Day outing! Eric's step-dad works in Rochester, so she just rode up with him in the morning & stayed with Ella and I for the day. 

We started our day off with a quick trip to the craft store and Wegmans. We got the good truck cart this time... thank the Lord. I was able to sip on a hot chocolate while Grammy pushed Ella around. Probably the most relaxed grocery trip I've taken in a long time... 

Next, we met up with Eric for lunch at one of my favorite diners. It was absolutely packed. I couldn't believe it. Luckily, we were seated relatively quickly & the food was ah-mazing as always. Seriously, I would love to be Guy Fiete because diners are my love language. 

After lunch, we headed over to the mall to do some clearance shopping. I ended up scoring a ton of deals on summer clothes for Ella at Crazy 8 & am so pumped about it. Too bad she'll be waiting a solid three to four months to wear them, but at less than $2.99 an item, I couldn't pass it up. 

Our last adventure was a trip to get fro-yo because Grammy Nancy had never had it! I got peanut butter with hot fudge & crushed up Reese's cups. Ella had vanilla with M&Ms. Nancy got vanilla with hot fudge, raspberries, and a bunch of other stuff that I didn't catch. The important part is she loved it & we will definitely be going again. 

And today... I'm back to work! Happy Tuesday! Let's hope this short week flies by! 

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