Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap: Competition Time!

It is still absolutely freezing her in Rochester! I've been wearing two pairs of socks at a time for a week now. That's said, life doesn't stop when it's cold so even though I wanted to be at home with a fuzzy blanket, we had a fairly busy weekend. 

Friday night I had a game & since Ella was going to spend all day at competition on Saturday, I asked my sister to pick her up from daycare & take her home to play instead of bringing her along with me. Apparently Ella had a grand time. She convinced my sister to buy her a Frozen coloring book & feed her her favorite Macaroni & Cheese from Wegmans for dinner. She was a pretty happy kid when I got home. 

Since Ella was busy hanging with her Aunt Britt & my game didn't start until 5:30, I was able to get in some time on the treadmill. I simply walked on an incline for 30 minutes but it felt good to be active & get my heart rate up for a bit. 

I was up bright & early on Saturday morning since I had to be at the school by 7 a.m. for the bus to competition. It was a long day, but all three teams took first place in their division! And the big news is that my team took Grand Champs for the morning division! That means they beat every other modified, freshman, and JV team at the tournament. So insanely proud of them! 

My Grand Champions!
My mom, sister, Ella, and Babs all came along to support my team. I just love that they were willing to give up their Saturday for me. We've been joking & calling this my "farewell tour" so it was nice to have them there to see me win big. 

Ella & I with our babysitter's daughter - Julia - who is on my team!
I really wanted to go out for steak, but we were all exhausted by 6 p.m. when I got home & decided it'd be better if we just ordered in. We ate dinner at my sister's house while the boys watched football. Then, my parents asked if they could keep Ella overnight with them at Britt's house. #hallelujah Best night's sleep I've gotten in weeks! 

I slept until 7:30, put some laundry in, then Eric & I headed over to meet everyone back at my sister's. I literally wrestled Ella into clothes, then we headed out to our new favorite diner for breakfast! 

My parents left after breakfast - boo - but, my sister & I decided to cheer ourselves up with a trip to Trader Joe's & TJ Maxx. I got some super yummy stuff for dinners this week & then found a really cute note pad & hand towels for the kitchen. Then, we topped off our perfect Sunday morning with a stop at Starbucks. 

Ella found this magnifying glass at TJ Maxx & thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

We got home & I put this little stinker down for a desperately needed nap...

When I got home, I did more laundry (it's finally all caught up for the first time since Christmas) and fed Ella some lunch. Eric & I weren't hungry until about halftime of the Packers/Cowboys game, which is when he made skillet wings! The house stunk from frying them but OMG they were good! 

Once Eric was done in the kitchen, I got in there & made a huge pot of my favorite Chicken Noodle Soup for the week.
the ingredients for my super simple favorite Chicken Noodle
 I've been doing really well packing my lunch since I got back from Christmas break, and one reason I've been doing good is the soup I've started making on Sunday. I'm already looking forward to eating mine & it's only 8:30 as I type this... #preggoproblems 

Happy Monday! 

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