Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lunch Time

One major overhaul I've made in my life this year is my takeout lunch habit. Leading up to 2015, I was eating takeout for lunch two to three times a week. A slice of pizza one day, Subway another. A wrap from the local deli, a taco salad from our fave Mexican joint. It was totally unhealthy - both physically & financially. But it was convenient & apparently I was letting convenience take precedence over my health. 

So going back to school three weeks ago, I made the goal to stay in the building on any day that I wasn't already out. If I didn't have to leave to attend a meeting, appointment, or a workshop - then I was staying put with a packed lunch - and it has made a huge difference. During my first week back, I only ate out once & that was on the day of my Ultrasound. The second week back, I only ate out once & that was with friends who were all attending a workshop with me. Last week, I was home while Ella was sick, and didn't do any eating out at all. 

Has it made a difference? Well, I obviously haven't lost weight. But I have controlled my weight gain far better than I did with my first pregnancy. I don't think that would be the case if I was eating take out more than twice as often as I am now. Financially, I can definitely say it's made a huge difference. I went from spending between $40 & $50 a week on take out (that includes bagels & drinks in the morning) to between $20 & $30. I might not sound like a lot, but it's definitely going to add up throughout the remainder of the school year. 

I will admit, that it helps that I have zero desire to venture out when it's 10 degrees & snowing outside (as it is today) and also that I am limited to one iced tea a day right now, which I purchase on my way in to work. 

Another thing that has really helped me is packing foods that I love for lunch! Some of my current favorites right now are... 

  • Taco Salads... I just love them. Especially if they come in a big, fried shell. When I pack my lunch though, I opt for a far healthier version with lettuce, chicken cooked in salsa, taco cheese, Trader Joe's Corn Salsa (my absolute favorite right now) and tortilla chips. Then instead of dressing, I use more salsa. It's delicious & filling! 

Corn Chile Salsa
Corn & Chile Salsa from Trader Joe's - Only $2.49!
  • Cottage Cheese... Seriously people, I can't get enough cottage cheese right now! We go through at least two tubs a week right now because Ella is loving it too. I think Eric thinks I'm nuts, but it has so much protein in it & is so filling. I take it to go with me every day in these Pampered Chef Prep Bowls. It's way cheaper to fill these myself than to buy the single serve ones from the grocery store. 
technically these are more than $10 for the set, but since you get six they come out to only $3 each!
  • Pirate's Booty - I love Cheetos, but I know even the smallest bag has more calories than I'd like. So when I discovered Pirate's Booty while working at day camp years ago, I was hooked! The bags that I buy are only 130 calories each, but totally filling! 

  • Easy Mac... ok so this is totally not a health food. But I love it anyway. #guiltypleasure Some days I just like to eat something warm & gooey. These cups fit the bill & are one of my go-to comfort foods. I also love that I can keep them in my classroom cupboard, so if I'm in a pinch for lunch, I can reach for one of those instead of hitting the drive thru. 
Ok, so after typing that, I realize how random those items are & I should probably put it out there that I do NOT eat them all at once. I may be pregnant, but I'm not pickles & peanut butter pregnant! I'll try to document a few of my full lunches this week so that you can all see that I really do make some sense every once in awhile... 

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