Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites - A Very Random Edition

This week has flown by & the fact that I have a three day weekend with no competitions has me on cloud nine this morning. I'm officially in my second trimester as of tomorrow & really feeling great. Like I mentioned last week, I've been wearing my FitBit daily & tracking my steps. This week I stepped things up (get it?) and set up a FitBit challenge against my mom & sister. You all know how competitive I am, so I doubt anyone will be surprised that I'm totally going to win this thing! Here are the standings as of 9 a.m....

You should know that my mom (Annette) does her treadmill workout in the morning, while I walk the halls during my lunch break. She's usually in the lead when I get to school, but I start to pass her around 9 a.m. I'm confident I can hold her off! 

And since I've been doing so much walking, and totally nailed my goal of gaining only between 3 & 5 pounds my first trimester, I decided to treat myself to a little present. I ordered myself these beauties from Anthropologie & can't wait for them to arrive next week. They're currently on backorder in most sizes & colors, but I think they're a great price for such a cute pair of sneakers! 

Since we don't compete this weekend, our practices have been a little more laid back. Yesterday, I let Ella haul out a bunch of the elementary PE equipment & make an obstacle course. OMG, she had a field day. The girls had her zig-zagging on the scooter, practicing her colors with the gator balls, and then had a Frozen dance party with her. Ella was in heaven.... 

Back to shopping for just a minute... I have fallen in love with Athleta today & just got an email that everything is 20% off! This is rare. So if you have your eye on something, be sure to indulge. Personally, I love these glitter striped yoga pants & (even though I'll never be able to afford it even at 20% off) this sweater. My (very stylish) mom is addicted to their City Pants as well, so if you love the jogger look, definitely check those out! 

My last favorite is my husband. He brought me home my favorite Half Baked Fro-Yo last night, along with a bunch of other stuff that he thought I might enjoy packing in my lunch. He's a keeper :) 

Happy Friday! 

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