Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Favorites from 2014

I swear everyone, this is my last recap post! I just couldn't help myself. We've had such an eventful year, and I can promise you that 2015 promises to be even better! 

Favorite Moment 1: Winning

My winter squad last year was ah-mazing. They were winning machines. Do you know how much more fun it is to coach when you're winning? A LOT MORE FUN. These just happen to be the same girls that I've moved up to JV with for my last season. They're my favorite & I just loved coaching them. Fingers crossed we repeat all season long. 

Favorite Moment 2: Our Disney Trip

When our baby sitter took a week off at the same time my parents were in Orlando, I pounced at the opportunity to take Ella south. We swam, we shopped, and WE WENT TO DISNEY! It was such a magical experience to see the Magic Kingdom through her eyes. The whole family is already dying to go again. Maybe in 2016? I hope so! 

Favorite Moment 3: Justin Timberlake Concert

Oh my love, Justin. You were amazing. Please come back to Upstate NY soon. I will pay anything you ask to have you serenade me again... 

quick refresher... there is no zoom in this picture - I was that close

Favorite Moment 4: Ella's 2nd Birthday Party

Oh this party, it was a labor of love. I've never put so much Pinterest/Etsy energy into one project, but OMG it turned out awesome. We had amazing weather, delicious food, and tons of family - the stuff great parties are made of. 

Favorite Moment 5: Myrtle Beach

It wouldn't be a year if we didn't go to our beach house in Myrtle! We just love it there. Shopping, golfing, eating, swimming, laying by the ocean - what's not to love? Ella asks all the time if we can go to the beach house & luckily I can say to her, Grammy already has it booked for August! 

Favorite Moment 6: Just Summer in General...

Being at home with Ella all summer long was perfect. We took walks, went to the library, visited our friends' pools & lake houses. Just thinking about it has me counting down the days until June 25th. 

Favorite Moment 7: Family Photos 

Ella is 2 & these were the first real family photos we ever had. #crazy They were supposed to be fall photos, but the weather had other plans, so we made the most of it. 

Favorite Moment 8: Halloween 

Ella was an absolute blast at Halloween this year. She was a kitty cat - the cutest one ever if I do say so myself. We trick or treated at her Grammy Nancy's & visited Zoo Boo with my family. 

Favorite Moment 9: My Sister's Wedding! 

OMG - my sister is married. It's still so fresh that I giggle every time I hear her say her name is Brittany Gross. But seriously, she was gorgeous. The food was impeccable. We danced all night. I'm just dying to see all of the photos, but of the sneak peaks, this one is my absolute favorite - I'm sure you can guess why!

Favorite Moment 10: Christmas

Christmas is always a favorite, but it just keeps getting better as Ella gets older. She was SO into it this year. We had an Elf on the Shelf, made cookies, visited Santa, saw all of our cousins. #perfection

Looking back on the year like this is such a potent reminder of just how blessed I am. I have a husband & daughter that are my world. I have a sister who is my best friend. My parents are absolutely amazing & totally involved in our lives even though they're four hours away. I have a job that I truly enjoy & hobbies that bring me so much fulfillment. #Godisgood 

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  1. So cute! It's amazing how much great stuff we can pack into a year isn't it!!

  2. What a precious family you have! Love the Elmo party, I need to start preparing for my boy's second bday in March, ahhhh! I'm glad I found you on the link up, great blog!

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