Thursday, December 4, 2014

Family Photos - Winter 2014

It's been two weeks since I got our family pictures back from my aunt, and while I shared a teaser in my Christmas cards post, I wanted to share my absolute favorites with you all today! We had these shot on November 1st & I was not expecting snow, but OMG I love the snow! We had them shot in the side yard of our country house & it was FREEZING outside. In some of the pictures you can even see tears in Ella's eyes. For that reason, we had to move fast. I didn't get to do quite as many as I'd hoped for, but I got plenty to help me remember this special time in our lives, happy as just the three of us. 

A quick story about this rocking horse... it was made for me by my Great Grandpa Theodore Atkins. He was an amazing woodworker & we have several of his pieces around the house. This fella happened to be in my parents' attic & as I ran up to grab the wreath, I found him. It was completely spur of the moment & perfect! 

If you're wondering where our outfits are from, you can check out this post (most items are still available) & if you want to see how our family Christmas card turned out, you can read about that here

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