Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday - Plaid Edition

I hadn't intended for there to be a theme to today's post, but once I started pulling all of the photos together, I discovered that I have been wearing A LOT of plaid lately. Luckily, so has the rest of the world, so I don't think anyone will care. The weather has taken a turn for the cold, so you'll notice that I'm wearing my winter staples regularly - boots, leggings, scarves, and layers - it's the only way I make it through winter. 

On Friday, I woke up to a cold snap. The beautiful weather we'd experienced earlier in the week was clearly gone & I made the executive decision to wear my scarf all day long. Cozy as could be... 

scarf - Crystal Feather Boutique // jeans - J.Crew // shirt - J.Crew
 watch - Coach // wedges - Target

On Saturday, I made another executive decision - leggings. I didn't put a pair of jeans on all weekend. I rotated between sweatpants & leggings. Now, I did have the good sense to follow the advice of Shaeffer & wore a tunic with my leggings. I love this one that I stole out of my mom's closet because it's heavy enough to be warm, but not bulky. I also covers my booty & looked great with the scarf I stole from her closet too. (That's what moms are for, right?) 
scarf - Target // sweatshirt - LOFT // leggings - Cozy Orange
boots - Steve Madden // bag - Michael Kors
Another shopping outfit... this time with my new red vest. I love these vests from Old Navy because they aren't too bulky and I don't feel like a marshmallow in them. I also love my new flannel - another suggestion from Shaeffer, who has basically become my shopping guru this fall season. 
leggings - Cozy Orange // boots - Steve Madden // scarf - Target
watch - Coach // vest - Old Navy // shirt - Old Navy 

I mentioned this outfit in yesterday's post, but I'm still loving my new side zip sweatshirt from Kipling. Don't forget to RSVP to their holiday event if you are in the NYC area this Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! 
boots - MIA // jeans - Old Navy // sweatshirt - Kipling // scarf - Crystal Feather Boutique

As I mentioned in my Friday Favorites post, I was so excited for this sweater to come in! When I wore it to work yesterday everyone kept asking me if I had it made by the same person who did my monogram sweatshirt (which was another big hit). I also have to say, that I got these white bootcut jeans from J.Crew two Christmases ago & they've been so versatile. I really wasn't sure about white jeans at first, but I wear them all year long & can pair them with just about anything. 
sweater - J.Crew // shirt - J.Crew // boots - American Eagle // pants - J.Crew

**this post contains sponsored links from Kipling**

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